Friday, October 22, 2010

Cop charged with Assaulting Hells Angel

Well this is yet another example of our pathetic justice system at work in BC. An off duty cop gets in a fight with a Hells Angel at a bar in Kelowna. 15 to 20 Hells Angels and Associates jump in and kick his ass. Then they charged the off duty cop with assault.

I don't know which is more pathetic, having 15 to 20 guys jump in the fight or charging a cop with assault in a consensual fight. Do the Hells Angels ever fight one one one? Of course not. The purpose of joining a gang is so you don't have to fight one on one.

Here's the law: If an off duty cop or anyone else walks up to a Hells Angel in a bar and says "Do you want a fight?" and the Hells Angels says yes through word or deed, then that is a consensual fight not an assault. If he said no and the cop sucker punched him, that would be an assault. A Hells Angel charging a cop with assault for chest bumping him in a bar is absolutely pathetic. What next? Is the Hells Angel gonna hit him with his man purse? It's just the continued saga of the bully playing the victim.

Back in the day the Hells Angels had the reputation that one Hells Angels could take on five grown men. Not any more. Now the Hells Angels have the reputation of being bullies and if you look at one the wrong way, 15 of them will jump one guy and give him the boots. There is no L and R there. Just Hate and Disgust.

This case should have been thrown out a long time ago and never gone to court. The Hells Angels should be embarrassed for having so many guys jump in the fight and they should be embarrassed for charging a cop with assault. Whatever happened to "I don't dial 911?"

Mind you if they're not embarrassed walking around with their man purses they sure won't be embarrassed about not fighting one on one.

Yet having our judicial system cater to these known drug dealers like puppets on a string is the biggest embarrassment of all.


  1. I know THAT'S right! Seriously, back in the day, one HA could whip the asses of a few full grown men, they didn't need to wait for "White Dragon", "Tiny Tim", "NV" or "Sliced Deli" to show up. They just did it. Now, it's nothing like that. If they don't have their manly purses there, perhaps ripping off the hot pink partner chair from the bike and back handing someone with it could work. He doesn't hold any esteem in my eyes, but Sonny Barger would be ashamed of some of these sorry ass punks that pass for HA these days.

  2. The baby in the photo is so cute..but it is also kind of disturbing. I guess HA fathers begin to indoctrinate them from birth into the lifestyle.

  3. I don’t think the baby photos are of Hells Angels kids. I just think someone dressed up their kid for a funny photo like they would for Halloween. I have however seen photos of bikers indoctrinating their kids into the gang supporter mind set at a very young age. Bracchus, a Hells Angels puppet club back east is one example:


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