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Protocol 7 the Movie in Theatres June 28th - Update

Police on Guard is reporting that "Protocol 7 explores the crucial issue of corporate fraud and the fight for health freedom. Written and directed by Andrew Wakefield, the film delves into the real-life story of two whistleblower virologists from Merck’s MMR laboratory who witnessed fraud at the highest level. It’s a gripping, eye-opening narrative that resonates deeply with those who value informed consent and the right to make personal health choices."

"The most important part about this film is that the actual case (United States vs Merck) has been in litigation for 14 years and is currently in the appellate court in Pennsylvania due for a decision this summer. In Cineplex Theatre’s June 28th. Click here to book your tickets."

"Protocol 7 is a medico-legal thriller based on the true story of two Merck lab scientists who, in 2010, blew the whistle on the company’s fraudulent manipulation of lab data to support the company’s efficacy claim about the mumps component of its MMR vaccine. The case has been tied up in courts ever since." Interview with Dr. Andrew Wakefield.

Again I think my body my choice applies to both sides. I chose not to get a Covid RNA vaccine but I chose to get the shingles vaccine. The flat earther bullied me for that choice. People are allowed to choose. That's the whole point. After the shingles shot your arm gets a bit sore. I saw that as a good thing. To me that meant it was a traditional vaccine that stayed in your arm. You bodies then sends anti bodies to the arm to f=developed immunity.

That's how it's supposed to work. The RNA vaccines bypass the immunize system and sends the vaccine into all your organs including your heart, lungs and brain. That's why some young men and healthy athletes develop myocarditis after the Covid RNA vaccine.

Recently I sliced my hand right open on a sharp edge of my rusty exhaust and got 10 stitches. I made sure I got a tetanus shot. That's not RNA. Again, that's my choice. Others have every right to make their own choice. People are allowed to disagree and people are allowed to decide what risks they are and are not willing to take when it comes to medical treatment.

Update: OK I've seen the movie. Wow. At first I found it a bit difficult to watch because it was a little too real. I did find it very informative. It deals with a real court case that has been stuck in litigation for decades involving the mumps vaccine. Apparently the problem was an outbreak of mumps occurred among vaccinated people in the United States and the FDA said prove your effectiveness or lose your approval so they falsified the data.

Protocol 7 was how they falsified the data by using rabbit's blood in the tests. It showed how concerned pharmaceutical companies are with profits. It also shows the vaccine was simply not effective. Similar to the Covid RNA vaccine. It also shows that there was an increased risk association with the vaccine. At the end of the movie it showed some interesting stats about how the number of vaccines kids have to take now has skyrocketed as it is big business.

It claimed that children who were vaccinated were 4.2 times more likely to develop autism and over 5 times more likely to develop some form of learning disability. So here's the deal. Autism is "relatively" rare. So being 4.2 times more likely to develop autism isn't terribly significant. One could easily say that it was not related to a vaccine just like one could say that heart complications after the Covid RNA vaccines are not related. Yet some are. This means that there is a risk of a child developing Austin's from the mumps vaccine. It's not a significant risk but it is a serious risk parents should be made aware of making that vaccine optional not mandatory.

4.2 times more likely to develop autism isn't a 4.2% increase it's a 420% increase.

On that note, the Canadian Covid Care Alliance put out several informative videos about Covid vaccines and showed that Pfizer also falsified or misrepresented their data just like Merck did. The movie Protocol 7 is about how Merk falsified the data for their Mumps vaccine. October 2021 I reported that Merck was in discussions to sell a new COVID-19 pill to Canada.

The Pfizer Inoculations Do More Harm Than Good

Oracle Films also put out a movie called Safe and Effective: A Second Opinion.


  1. My body my choice is only acceptable for those in power. Me too, abortion, transgender and the alphabet gays... but if you talk about vaccines then your a conspiracy anti vaxer evil person.

    1. Yes my body my choice definitely should apply to RNA vaccines.

  2. Wow. And the “likeness” to the Covid vaccines are parallel, no?
    This planet came dangerously close to be Nazi Regime.
    As the truth is slowly revealed, it just becomes more disturbing.

    1. Yes but I think the court case in the US they are referring to is about drug pricing.

    2. I guess this is a true story about the mumps vaccine. How there was an occasional but rare side effect of autism. Doesn't really matter how rare that it. If the possibility exists, people should know about it.

      Several years ago I had a friend come up for a visit from the States. She brought her husband and a ship load of kids. A couple of kids had autism and she said they got it from their vaccines. I was like what?! I had never ever heard that before.


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