Saturday, June 22, 2024

The Edmonton Oilers exciting come back

Well here it is. After being down 3 games to nothing in the Stanley cup final against the Florida Panthers, the Edmonton Oilers won 3 straight to tie it up as they go into game 7. I don't really care about hockey but there are a few Oiler fans at work who are ecstatic.

I remember when Vancouver lost to the Oilers in a close series one of them was excited because it looked like the Oilers would win against Florida. Then they just couldn't beat their goalie. Well game 4 they figured out how to beat their goalie. So this is exciting. For them. It's been a long time since a Canadian team won the Stanley cup in a league they used to dominate.

Seemingly their goalie goes low and it's impossible to beat him on the ground so they go high and have been getting it in. Everyone was talking about an Oilers fan who went viral after flashing her boobs for the camera. Evidently she goes by Kait and was recently featured in Playboy.

She's being billed as the Edmonton Oilers good luck charm. She's obviously very attractive and will be very successful which apparently has caused some trolls to be jealous. However, posing for pictures flipping the bird is a bit trailer trash. All the wannabe bikers do that and it looks kind of silly. At least she likes to hike in the mountains. Someome is trying to rip her off by managing her Only Fans page. Behind every pretty girl is a line up of dirty pimps wanting to exploit them.

Let's raise the bar for game 7. "Game 7 goes Monday in Sunrise, Florida. Edmonton is looking to become only the fifth team in NHL history to win a best-of-seven showdown after trailing 3-0 — and just the second in the Cup final, joining the 1942 Toronto Maple Leafs."

Everyone's also talking about the Hawk Tuah girl from Nashville and I'm like whatever. That's not my thing. However, the fact that so many guys are obsessing over this is a bit Dr Phil.


  1. Please explain your use of 'Dr. Phil' for me.

    1. Dr Phil is a psychologist. It means there's something a bit weird going on.


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