Tuesday, June 25, 2024

Julian Assange walks free after plead deal

Update: Julian Assange lands in Australia a free man

ABC is reporitng that "When WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange sets foot in his native Australia Wednesday, he will be a free man for the first time after 14 years spent in some form of confinement while attempting to avoid U.S. prosecution. He will also meet his two young sons for the first time ever outside of prison." Oh happy day.

"Assange is due to appear in federal court in the Northern Marianas Islands, a remote U.S. territory in the Western Pacific, early Wednesday morning local time, where he will plead guilty to one felony count of illegally obtaining and classified information as part of a plea deal with U.S. prosecutors. After that, he is expected to fly to his native Australia. There he will be met by his wife, Stella and their two young sons, who have never known him outside of captivity."

This is a step forward. One down, one to go. I will give credit where credit is due. This came after significant lobbying from the Australian government. Our troll spook said it would never happen. This deal was made with the Biden Administration. Donald Trump didn't pardon Julian Assange, Joe Biden did. Just sayn. I don't agree with many Biden policies but this one I do agree with. Just like I also agreed with pulling out of Afghanistan. When the opposing party does something right we should recognize that. Refusing to do that is cheap and dishonest.


  1. American scum trying to hide video evidence that their military was shooting civilians in Iraq.

  2. Technically speaking, after the point where the Iraqi army was defeated and surrendered, everyone the American military shot in Iraq was actually a civilian.

  3. There were two fake wars with Iraq The first was after they invaded Kuwait. Saddam asked the US Administration their position if he invaded Kuwait and they told him they had no position. Until he did it. That's why they instantly surrendered. Then it was the unlawful invasion based on the WMD lie. They were the ones that sold Saddam mustard gas to use on Iran.

  4. A plea deal is not a pardon. Assange should have never been in jail. He should have been given a proper patriotic title.

    1. Correct but he walks free. It was a plea deal the CIA would not have made.

  5. No they would not have. They wanted him and Snowden both to burn. They want to make examples out of them so the next people who value right over wrong will think twice about what it will cost them.The fact that I see them both as hero's in the struggle to maintain our freedom would seem to align against me actually being what you accuse me of, but then getting an Irishman to admit he's wrong should have been one of the labors of Hercules.

  6. He is out of jail and back in Australia and that is a good thing. At least he stood up and was counted.
    I always thought Snowdon and Assange were brave and the American government wanted to make e.g.s of them so no one else would try what they actually did.


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