Saturday, June 8, 2024

4 suspects arrested after fatal Surrey shooting - Update

CTV is reporting that "A man is dead following a shooting in Surrey Friday, and homicide investigators say four people have been arrested. Mounties were called about the incident at 8:46 a.m., saying it happened in a residential area near 164 Street and 10 Avenue."

Not long after, police were called about a vehicle on fire on McMillan Road near 20 Avenue. Four suspects had been taken into custody as a result of the quick, co-ordinated response of Surrey RCMP, Air 1 and the Lower Mainland Integrated Emergency Response Team." 6AK_TV vid.

Global is reporting that the victim is Yuvraj Goyal, of Surrey.
The India Express is reporting that he was from Punjab’s Ludhiana. The Vancuver Sun is reporting that "Manvir Basram, 23, Sahib Basra, 20, and Harkirat Jhutty, 23, of Surrey, as well as Keilon Francois, 20, of Ontario, have been charged with first-degree murder."

The Hindustan Times is reporting that "One of those arrested, Harkirat Jhutty was the subject of the public warning issued by Surrey RCMP in December 2022, along with Karnvir Garcha. In July 2023, Garcha, 25, was found fatally shot in the town of Coquitlam."

This local shooting made the Daily Guardian. I guess that's the Canadian version of a British paper. "The authorities continue to investigate the circumstances surrounding Yuvraj Goyal’s tragic murder, aiming to bring justice and closure to the affected community."

Justice and closure doesn't come from convicting the shooters when the police have the people that ordered the murder on their payroll. Speaking of which, whatever happened to those crazy charges against their man Damion Ryan? Are any of the charges against him proceeding?

6AK_TV is reporting that Manvir Basram graduated from Tamanawis secondary while Harkirat Jhutty and Sahib Basra both graduated from Queen Elizabeth secondary school in Surrey but the Ontario guy is "Keilon Deshann being the infamous rapper known as Keyzie (Driftwood WassGang Member)." So does that mean the other three are BK? That means they work for the Edmonton Angels. Justice and closure won't happen until the ring leaders are convicted.
The Wolf Pack hire the Driftwood Crips to commit murder then roll on them as soon as they do the hit. That's Damion Ryan's MO. Damion Ryan hired and rolled on Lil Man for killing Mo.

Shooting someone for a pair of sneakers is pretty messed up.


  1. Why do so many young east indian men get involved in gang life In the lowermainland? It seems always the victims or shooters are brown do the hells angels use them for dirty work?.

    1. A lot of young Punjabi guys like the lifestyle drug money brings. Brothers Keepers work for the Hells Angels. They're Indo Canadian. So do the Driftwood Crips. They're Somalian. The HAs are the ones that hire them and cap them if they sell for anyone else.

    2. Punjabi Sikh Culture is a Warrior culture. Do some research.

    3. That is a true statement but these young kids gang banging dishonor the Gurdwara. Getting drunk in the club and shooting someone to make more money in the drug trade isn't being a warrior. There's nothing noble about that.


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