Tuesday, June 25, 2024

Balancing the Extremes in life and politics

I've talked about balancing the extremes before but as always that quest is relevant now more than ever so I will repeat my position. Draw a line in the sand. Call that line democracy. The further away from that line you go to the left or the right the further away from democracy you get and the closer you get to Dictatorship. So in reality, politics isn't a line, it's a circle.

Tom MacDonald recently put a new video called Me Versus You. In it he portrays both sides of the divide in American politics. He wears a red hoodie while he argues one side and wears a blue hoodie while he argues the other side. It is very well done. They want us divided.

I support Tom MacDonald's right to say what he has to say. I was somewhat disgusted to see Ben Shapiro's appearance in one of his videos. Ben's part was, in my opinion, ridiculous. Until the Gaza conflict Ben Shapiro had us fooled. After firing Candace Owens he has revealed his true colours as has Ezra Levant and we need to talk about that.

Ezra Levant and Ben Shapiro rightfully oppose Klaus Schwab and the World Economic Forum. Yet they both blindly support Benjamin Netanyahu who is a Globalist that supports the WEF. So their blind support of Netanyahu reveals the complete hypocrisy of both their media platforms. It's as though their purpose was to infiltrate the right and lead it astray.

That's a very Mossad thing to do. Just sayn. Just like Tucker Carlson. He was a hero. Then he spins for Felix Rodriguez and puts his whole motive into question. Notice how deeply involved the intelligence agencies are in any platform that denounces the narrative. Satan will tell you nine truths to get you hooked on one lie. So will Mossad and the CIA.

Tom MacDonald has a colossal following and has made a lot of cheddar. As a result there are dozens of haters and trolls that are trying to make a name for themselves by trashing him yet he isn't taking the bait. IMO Mac Lethal is an idiot. He has nothing to say that I find worth listening to. Yet he has the right to kick against the pricks. Dax is worth listening to.

I've said what I had to say about the local white west coast rappers here in BC trying to rationalize crime and addiction in God's name. I ain't gonna hate. I'm just going to separate.
On that note, I see that Tom MacDonald made a video with Madchild a while back. Just to set the record straight, I don't have a problem with Madchild. I did have a problem with one of his songs but that was a long time ago. I saw how Voldemort f*cked him over and sucked him dry. I support morality and ethics. No matter what your past you have a spotless future. I don't support the mob mentality of the clone soldier creeps that want to make a name for themselves by trashing people who were kicked to the curb by the club. We the people yo. In order to form a more perfect union.

Evidently Tom MacDonald's girlfriend raps under the name Nova Rockafeller. Peace.

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