Monday, June 24, 2024

New Covid Fraud in the UK

Well MI6 is hard at work trying to resurrect another Covid fraud in the UK. I saw a recent headline in the fake news stating here are the new Covid rules as a new variant sweeps the UK. I'm like AYFKM? These people are mentally deranged. How about Iraq's WMD Tony BLiar?

As we know, when viruses mutate they get weaker not stronger. Omicron was weaker than the seasonal flu, This new June variant is even weaker than that. A June cold is usual but because it's summer that explains why it's so week. We need to stop funding all these biolabs that keep producing new variants. It's wasn't a China virus. Fauci funded the gain of function research in Wuhan just like Hunter Biden profited from Metabiota. It was a CIA virus. China ran with it.

The fake news is once again repeating the ridiculous narrative cases are up. Cases don't mean anything. Cases are up because you started testing again. As the real UK specialist declared you need a positive test and symptoms to be a case. One without the other is not a case. There is no such thing as asymptomatic cases. Asymptomatic means healthy.

Now the fake news claims that summer hospitalizations surge in the UK. That is a lie. They started testing people in the hospital with a useless test that produces a 90% false positive. It can't tell the difference between Covid and the common cold or flu. So yeah, a few people in the hospital in England getting surgeries tested positive for a cold. No one cares.

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