Saturday, June 8, 2024

Kenshin: Reflecting on Change and the Silk Road

I started watching Rurouni Kenshin on Netflix and they started talking about his past. Then I realized there was an episode before that called the Beginning so I watched that to catch up. It's a very thought provoking plot so it is with elements of tragedy woven into it. I guess for me it illustrates how seeing something from a different perspective can change our understanding of it.

I started watching the first episode of the New Hells Angels series on Vice TV and I turned it off. I'm so done with that. I want to do something different. In the second episode Kenshin vows to never kill again and becomes a traveler with a reverse blade designed to protect life not take it. We can't change the past but we can change the future. Looks like there's a new Shogun out.

Don't get me wrong. The Vice series on the Hells Angels is well done. It interviews Julian Sher and Jerry Langdon who are competent Canadian authors. Julian wrote the Road to Hell a few years before I started the blog. Back then everyone was in denial about the Hells Angels. Rainbow Ricky would lie and deny everything. Now everyone knows what they are involved with.

Having said that, I still think government overreach since Covid is a far worse problem than the Hells Angels. While I was catching up on Kenshin's past history I also watched Dragon Blade with Jackie Chan about the Silk road. I really liked that. It wasn't so dark and started off like a typical Jackie Chan movie with martial arts and comedy. It was a little lighter and positive. Then it got a bit intense. It was very well done and had a good message.

Which leads us to the rebuilding of the Silk Road. I don't see the meaning of life as America First. I see it as People First. It's not about East versus West it's about Slavery versus Freedom. If China wants to rebuild the Silk Road, let them. If Iran wants to sell their oil, let them. The free market is the key to freedom. Edward Snowden exposed the NSA. Edward Snowden is a patriot. The Five Eyes are enemies of civil liberty and the Constitution. We need to face those domestic demons before we confront any foreign threat. Power to the People.

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