Saturday, June 29, 2024

Three tonnes of cocaine found hidden in imported crane

Dutch News is reporitng that "Harbour police have found an estimated three tonnes of cocaine hidden in a crane in a warehouse in Moerdijk port. Two Dutch men aged 64 and 43 were arrested, as was a 32-year-old man from Cambodia. Moerdijk is the fourth biggest Dutch seaport, located on the Hollands Diep estuary and has strong links to inland shipping. The police started their investigation after “becoming aware” of several suspicious events at the company. In particular, the company was importing heavy machinery from South America to the Netherlands."

"Last week, a massive crane arrived in Antwerp and was delivered to the Moerdijk firm on Friday, as the police raided the premises. It was found to contain 3,000 kilos of the drug, with a street value of some €220 million. Police also searched homes belonging to the two Dutchmen and found a gun and ammunition as well as some €20,000 in cash. One of the two men is the company owner, police said."

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