Monday, June 24, 2024

Edmonton Oilers Game 7 Final Score

Well wasn't that an exciting series? I just want to say that there's no shame here. The Edmonton Oilers did awesome. Everyone hates summer soldiers and sunshine patriots. Fans who only jump on the bandwagon when everything is going well. The Oilers are true blue so to speak.

As Nova Rockafeller said you did your best and there's more to you than the wars you lose.

Not that I give a f*ck about hockey because I don't. It's just that I'm from Vancouver and we support our team win or lose. Several months ago that Oilers fan at work asked me, so you don't follow hockey? I said no, for me watching sports is kind of like going to the gym and watching someone else work out. He said not really. I was like I know but that's kind of how it feels for me. I watch UFC or Rugby but I don't have a long attention span. I mostly like to watch highlights.

I really find football hooligans in England irritating. In some places of central America you have two rival teams from the same city where fans will fight with each other that often results in fatalities. That is insane. Rival fans fighting with each other at a family event is stupid. There's nothing noble about it. Especially soccer. No one here cares about soccer. Well not many and in not that sense. Football hooligans clearly don't understand the mean of or sanctity of life.

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