Sunday, June 9, 2024

US pier for humanitarian aid used in Nuseirat Massacre

Update: Right after Benny Gantz resigned the staged hostage rescue is orchestrated

Inside Nova is reporting that "In a recent escalation of violence in the Gaza Strip, the Israeli military allegedly utilised a US-constructed pier, originally intended for aid delivery, to conduct an operation against the Nuseirat refugee camp. This operation, which reportedly resulted in the deaths of hundreds of Palestinians, has drawn international condemnation."

The Guardian is reporting that "Israeli attacks in central Gaza killed scores of Palestinians, many of them civilians, amid a special forces operation to free four hostages held there, a death toll that has caused international outrage." The hostages are being used to justify a Palestinian genocide.

Benjamin Netanyahu let his operatives with Hamas take the hostages. He took all the soldiers guarding the border off that watch then issued a IDF stand down order. If he didn't do that, there would have been no hostages. Mossad created Hamas to push Fatah and the PLO out of Gaza because the PLO signed a cease fire and agreed to the Oslo accord. The CIA is ISIS and Benjamin Netanyahu is Hamas. This operative is not Palestinian. It's all theatrics.
The is a scam like the staged Iranian hostage rescue which was part of the October surprise. Mossad and the CIA committed investment fraud to bribe the hostage takers to keep the hostages until later the election. In this case, Mossad facilitated the hostage taking on October 7th and increased civilian casualties on October 7th due to friendly fire. Let's examine that.

Israeli News confronts IDF Friendly fire on October 7th

After the IDF was caught shooting Israelis on October 7th, they claimed they were implementing the Hannibal directive. Kill the hostages and the hostage takers yet that doesn't make sense. We had inside reports that claimed that Netanyahu issued an IDF Stand Down order during the orchestrated raid and hostage taking. If the IDf were engaging the Hannibal directive, the IDF would have called for back up and the Hamas operatives would have been annihilated. Let's talk about the USS Liberty. That wasn't Hamas that was the IDF. If the Russian spy ship hadn't witnessed that event, it would not have stopped and they would have blamed Hamas.

Why does this matter? Because 9/11 was an inside job and October 7th was Israel's 9/11.

Benjamin Netanyahu is Hamas, Gill Rosenberg is Mossad

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