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Israeli News confronts IDF Friendly fire on October 7th

SHFT TV is reporting that "The Israeli press has uncovered damning evidence showing that an untold number of the Israeli victims during the October 7 Hamas attack were in fact killed by the IDF response. While it is indisputable that the Hamas-led attackers were responsible for many Israeli civilian deaths that day, reports from Israel indicate that the IDF in multiple cases fired on and killed Israeli civilians."

"It’s an important issue that demands greater transparency—both in terms of the questions it raises about IDF policy, and in terms of the black-and-white narrative Israel has advanced about what happened on October 7, used to justify its ongoing assault on the Gaza Strip."

We've heard this before. IDF helicopters were caught firing on Israeli Citizens at the music festival on October 7th. After they were confronted with that fact, they came up with the story that they were firing at Hamas and some Israelis were collateral damage. Yet even that claim, which the Israeli news is complaining about, doesn't make sense.

All the soldiers guarding the Gaza border were taken off that post right before the attack. The IDF was given a stand down order. That's how Hamas was able to get in and out with hostages without meeting any resistance. Now they are claiming they met some resistance but that resistance was shooting Israeli citizens. Haaretz refers to it as the Hannibal Directive.

Let's look at the facts and consider another possibility. Hamas made it in and out without resistance. Yet the IDF were caught firing on Israeli citizens just like they were ordered to fire on the USS Liberty. Their claim that they were firing on Hamas doesn't make sense. If the IDF engaged Hamas during that attack they would have radioed for back up and the handful of Hamas insurgents would have been annihilated. The only thing that makes sense is that this was another Operation Northwoods and they were caught red handed just like with the USS Liberty.

The white guys leading the insurgents and blowing up the border fence didn't look Arabic.
The Times of Israel is reporting that "An IDF officer has recounted a tough decision he made on October 7 to order a tank to fire two light shells toward a house in Kibbutz Be’eri in which Hamas terrorists had been holding 14 Israelis hostages during the Palestinian terror group’s onslaught — fire that killed at least one Israeli."

This is damage control. The IDF were caught firing on civilians and this report attempts to rationalize why. It admits an IDF tank fired two shells at a house they claim Hamas terrorists had been holding 14 Israelis hostages. The house was destroyed and they admit at least one Israeli hostage was killed. If the house was destroyed I'd say it's safe to say all 14 hostages were killed as well ass the alleged kidnappers. The problem is, if the house was destroyed we have no way of proving there really was any hostage takers in it.

That's just a story they came up with rationalizing why they did it after they were caught. Were there hostage takers on the USS Liberty? Nope. The third red flag in the October 7th attack was the claim that Hamas was ISIS. We now know that the CIA created ISIS.

ISIS were doing horrible things. They were beheading people and raping civilians. It was extreme violence designed to create an extreme response. Were all ISIS members CIA agents? Of course not. The CIA hired, armed and funded extremists and told them what to do.

That forces us to ask, if Hamas is ISIS and the CIA created ISIS does that mean the Mossad created Hamas? Amazingly enough they did. Before Hamas was the PLO. Mossad created Hamas to push the PLO out of Gaza. The political wing of the PLO remained in West Bank but were literally kicked out of Gaza. Obviously not all Hamas members are Mosaad agents. If the leaders are, they can easily recruit people to join them. The PLO was gone so whoever would have joined the PLO were forced to join Hamas which Mosaad ultimately controlled.

Most of if not all of the Hamas operatives that attacked Israel on October 7th were Mosaad agents just like ISIS. They were trained by Mosaad and the CIA. They used American weapons. That high altitude drone footage was Mosaad not Hamas. The parasailers were trained by Mosaad and the CIA. Those precision Arial strikes were Mosaad operatives not Hamas.

Obviously Hamas has many members in Gaza who are not affiliated with Mosaad but their leaders are and this October 7th attack was orchestrated to provoke a specific response.

Fatah was the political wing of the PLO that signed the Oslo accord. Hamas was created by Mosaad to push Fatah out of Gaza. We need to bring Fatah back to Gaza and remove the Mosaad leaders of Hamas. Both sides need to come back to the Oslo accord. Globalism sucks.

Mossad and the CIA support fanatics to justify military action against them. The CIA gave Saddam Hussein chemical weapons to use on Iran. The CIA trained the Taliban to fight Russia. The CIA created ISIS. Then when they assassinated the Iranian general responsible for defeating ISIS they brought ISIS back. Has there ever been a terrorist organization the CIA hasn't trained?

Israel Knew Hamas’s Attack Plan More Than a Year Ago

The CIA, ISIS and the IDF stand down order


  1. Black rock trying to start a war so the can jack up oil and sell more bullets, rockets and guns. Sick world we live in.

    1. Indeed. Tying financial support for bombs in Gaza with the war in the Ukraine was the second red flag. Claiming that October 7th was Israel's 9/11 was the first red flag:

  2. Yep they did. Read about that awhile ago . Female tank crew told to fire on the houses .


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