Thursday, March 7, 2024

P Diddy What?

Update: I don't see any official statements where Usher and or Justin Bieber have come out of the closet regarding sexual abuse. I just see a whole lot of hearsay and speculation.

As for Kanye West, I do recall he has said some pretty bizarre things in the past. Candace Owens states we need to take those statements in context like the ones Michael Jackson made. I did see Kanye in costume appearing on screen with Alex Jones on one occasion where he was rambling like he had lost his mind. I believe Kanye was seen with a Holocaust denier on one occasion. I don't know if Kanye is a Holocaust denier but I am not. Just sayn.

OK there's been a whole lot of crazy a*s sh*t going on and a whole lot of bizarre allegations about P Diddy going around. Justin Bieber and Usher to name two. Candace Owens went into a deep dive about harassment from Jewish thugs in Hollywood. She gave a good analogy about the Crips and the Bloods. She said what if there was a gang of Jewish thugs in Hollywood bullying people and if you dare confront the bullying they would call you an anti Semite.

She said that would be like claiming anyone who complained about the crimes committed by the crips and the blood were racists against blacks. Most blacks do not support the criminal activity of the crips and the bloods. To claim that you're racist against blacks for objecting to criminal activity is absurd. Likewise to claim that someone is antisemitic because they object to bad Jews harassment in Hollywood is absurd. Obviously it's not just Jews in Hollywood and there is good and bad in every community but there are a lot of bad Jews out there hiding behind the race card.

It's like the Germans. Germany gave us Hitler but they also gave us Santa. The vast majority of Germans are hard working good people. They are skilled craftsmen. They have nothing to do with Hitler or Fascism. In fact, they feel so bad about how Hitler deceived them they have gone out of their way to ban fascism completely.

Hitler deceived the Germans through false flag attacks just like 9/11 and October 7th. First he burned down the German parliament building and blamed it on terrorists to get emergency act powers like Justin Trudeau. Then he attacked a German radio station and blamed it on Poland to justify an invasion. The rest is history and we are witnessing the same fake news propaganda of Hitler's time take over our own media in support of the UN's Slave World Order.

George Soros is a bad man not because he's Jewish but because he's a bad Jew. We have to recognize that because there is good and bad in every community. If we deny that then we condone it. George Soros and Klaus Schwab want to make everyone slaves. Jews, Palestinians as well as everyone else. We can all see it. Hiding behind the race chard doesn't change that.


  1. Rumours of a gang related police incident in Emerald Estates Whistler this morning.

    1. Thanks for the heads up. Can't see anything on the news feed but I'll keep my eyes open. Cheers.

    2. Sounds like police executing search warrants:


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