Friday, March 1, 2024

Lyin' Brian Bites the Dust

OK so Brian Mulroney passed away at the age of 84. I realize we're not supposed to speak I'll of the dead but what we do in life echoes in eternity. It's important that we be honest about someone's legacy and not let the fake news rewrite history to serve their twisted agenda. Brian Mulroney was a bad man. He was known as Lyin' Brian for a reason.

“Lyin’ Brian” tag is Mulroney’s only legacy

Long before his death the Observer reported that "Did we really need to spend $14 million to determine that former primer minister Brian Mulroney lied, breached ethics guidelines and acted inappropriately? Really, Mr. Justice Jeffrey Oliphant simply confirmed what most Canadians already knew, even when the man still occupied 24 Sussex Dr."

Stevie Cameron's Mulroney Memoir is entitled "On The Take: Crime, Corruption And Greed In The Mulroney Years." Notwithstanding, True North is reporting that " The Globe and Mail issued an apology after facing backlash over a headline announcing the passing of former Canadian Prime Minister Brian Mulroney, labeling him as 'one of Canada’s most divisive prime ministers.' The outlet attributed the error to an 'automated tweet' that did not align with its editorial standards." That is hilarious. Telling the truth does not align with its editorial standards.

Brian Mulroney divided the Conservative party into two. How was that not divisive? Brian Mulroney was the reason the Reform Party was created. He was just another pork barrel tax and spend politician. He was the reason the Reform Party went on a national fiscal responsibility campaign. Brian Mulroney was the author of the GST. He rose taxes that directly effected consumers and small business. Up until now, he left office as the most hated politician in Canadian History. Justin Trudeau's shameful legacy has even surpassed his.

Lyin' Brian had Airbus. Another tax and spend scandal that he profited from.

The Toronto Star reported that "A two-year inquiry into Brian Mulroney’s dealings with German-Canadian arms lobbyist Karlheinz Schreiber has concluded that the former prime minister acted in an inappropriate way when he accepted large amounts of cash from Schreiber."

Brian Mulroney's Airbus scandal also referred to as Kickback Mountain. Mulroney lied about his relationship with Karlheinz Schreiber and defrauded taxpayers of an out of court settlement that was based on Mulroney's perjury. Mulroney lied about his business relationship with Schreiber.

CBC Television reported on February 8, 2006 that the money Schreiber paid to Mulroney originated in a Swiss bank account code-named "Frankfurt". Schreiber used the same account to pay the secret Airbus commissions. Schreiber transferred $500,000 from "Frankfurt" to an account in Zürich code-named "Britan" on July 26, 1993 and used these funds to make the three cash payments to Mulroney in 1993 and 1994.

The payments were not disclosed in Mulroney's 1995 lawsuit against the Government of Canada. Mulroney had falsely testified under oath that he "never had any dealings" with Schreiber, knew him only "peripherally" and they had a cup of coffee "once or twice."

Brian Mulroney profited from Bre-X along with George Bush. Brian Mulroney was tied to Iran contra through Trans World Armaments in Quebec and Richard Secord for f*ck's sake.

In Al Martin's book the Conspirators he stated that Richard Secord was also tied to Trans World Armaments of Quebec City. He claims that Joe Clark made money off it and that the Brian Mulroney connection was a much bigger scandal in Canada than it ever was in the US.

Brian Mulroney was a driving force behind NAFTA where the erosion of sovereignty was created under the guise of free trade. Compensation Awards under NAFTA were insane.

In 2018 CBC reported that "Former prime minister Brian Mulroney, whose government once introduced legislation to keep marijuana in the same legal category as heroin, hasn't merely become a born-again weed evangelical - he now says Canada is poised to influence the rest of the world to join the cannabis bandwagon."

He joined the BOD of an American cannabis company. The day before the CBC article came out the Toronto Star reported that "Mulroney’s daughter, Caroline Mulroney, is the attorney general of Ontario and has been overseeing the legalization of marijuana in the province."

So take your fake news and cram it up your a*s.


  1. A friend who was well aware of his lying called him “Brian Bullrooney”.

  2. This is what we need to learn, many of these people who aspire to be our "elected elites" are mostly garbage who don't have the morals the rest of us do. Right and wrong, "meh".

  3. Why do people minimize the destruction these politicians caused when they die? It’s like the obituary of a gang member shot. They were “loved, loving and contributed” to society….. not. They were criminals! Good riddance, bad rubbish. Bye Mulroney. Got nothing positive to say about ya.

  4. Ahh love that truthful reporting , open and frank ,
    One Newfie in BC


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