Saturday, March 23, 2024

Climate the Movie, the Cold Truth

The White Rose is reporting that "We strongly recommend this movie, in which renowned scientists speak out against the false climate change narrative. The film has only been released a few days ago. It is a highly professional movie about how natural climate change and concern for the environment have been hacked by the establishment. We all know the bottom line of their evil agenda: reduce, control and tyrannize humanity."

Michael Moore was harassed by the left for putting out Planet of the Humans which also exposed some of the hypocrisy of fake environmentalism. Using electric cars where the power grid comes from Industrial coal is not green. Banning natural gas has nothing to do with saving the environment. It's about driving up inflation and creating manufactured energy crises.

It ties in with the carbon tax. Shipping China natural gas out of Kitimat is a good idea. China replacing it's industrial coal with natural gas would greatly reduces world CO2 emissions. Far more than any carbon tax grab. Likewise, twinning the Nordstream pipeline would also greatly reduces world CO2 emissions. Far more than any carbon tax grab.

Helping Germany convert their Industrial coal plants over to natural gas would greatly improve air quality in Europe and significantly relieve the manufactured energy crisis in Europe. The price of gas at the pumps is literally insane. That is because of the Saudi oil monopoly. Donald Trump got America off Saudi oil while Joe Biden got American back on it. Saudi secures the monopoly then raises the prices. That is Haram. NATO and the UN are a big part of that fraud.

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