Saturday, March 23, 2024

Ben Shapiro fired Candace Owens

The Independent is reporting that "Candace Owens will no longer appear on Ben Shapiro’s conservative news website The Daily Wire, it was announced on Friday (22 March). Controversial author Owens joined the media company in 2021 before falling out with co-founder Shapiro last year over her views on the Israel-Hamas war." 'Daily Wire and Candace Owens have ended their relationship,' Daily Wire co-founder Jeremy Boreing tweeted on Friday morning. 'The rumors are true—I am finally free,' Owens shared on her own X account."

First of all Ben Shapiro is a dick. That rap video he was in with Tom MacDonald was ridiculous. Tom's fine but Ben Shapiro is Fake as F*ck. He's a bully with small man syndrome. Candace Owens was very fair and balanced on her concerns about the Gaza conflict. Again this is another example of how if you dare question any misconduct of anyone they label you a racist. That is offensive and absurd. There is good and bad in every community. Failure to recognize that is delusional. I hope Tucker Carlson picks her up. Support Candace Owens.

Ben Shapiro's defiant support for a globalist in Israel makes his whole quest a complete farce.


  1. Hmmmm interesting. Not sure what happened between her and Shapiro obviously, but I’m sure she’ll be just fine with whatever she decides to do next. While I don’t always agree with Candance Owen’s takes 100 percent of the time, I do think she is a brilliant woman, and a realist through and through. Also, thanks for not dissing Tom. He’s a good guy, and been a voice of reason through some turbulent times.

    1. I think that's the point. People are allowed to disagree. Ben Shapiro doesn't think so. He was upset because Candace didn't have a blind support for killing children in Gaza. Tom gets people thinking which is good. He has a colossal following. We wanted to support the Daily Wire for giving Candace Owens and Gina Carano a platform. Sadly he had his own agenda. Gina Carano has signed with Straightwire Entertainment:

  2. Ben Schapiro and Justin Trudeau should do a rap video together. They are bull bullies.


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