Wednesday, March 6, 2024

Benny Gantz rises to replace Netanyahoo

The Jerusalem Post is reporting that "From London to Washington, top officials spoke with him about the food crisis in Gaza as the United Nations warned that the Palestinians there are facing starvation." The Times of Israel is reporting that "Top aides to US President Joe Biden told visiting war cabinet minister Benny Gantz during meetings this week that the recent disaster in northern Gaza in which dozens of desperate Palestinians were killed while rushing a convoy of humanitarian aid highlighted for Washington how Israel has failed to properly plan for the war, two US officials told The Times of Israel on Tuesday."

CNN is reporting that "When top Biden administration officials conveyed their frustrations over the “unacceptable and unsustainable” situation in Gaza to Benny Gantz, they were delivering their message to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin’s Netanyahu’s chief political foe. US officials argued it made sense to meet with Gantz, who is widely seen to be a leading contender to be the next Israeli Prime Minister. On Monday, President Joe Biden reiterated that there are no excuses for Israel not to allow more aid into the besieged strip."

"Frustration is mounting within the Biden administration about the Netanyahu government’s continued refusal to open more land crossings for critically needed aid to reach the people of Gaza. The US and its partners have resorted to airdropping food into Gaza. The desperation of the situation was laid bare last week when more than 100 people were killed in an incident where Israeli troops opened fire while hungry Palestinians were awaiting a food convoy."

Britain to warn Israel's Gantz over famine in Gaza


  1. The Biden Administration makes the mistake of thinking that the Israeli's care what they think. Typical American State Dept arrogance to think that they will play kingmaker here. Worth noting that the people complaining the loudest are Hamas, the WEF/Globalist UN, and the White House. "Birds of a feather". Netanyahu seems to be a Globalist too so I'm not sure how that plays. Maybe "We are on both sides"? That seems familiar somehow.

    1. Netanyahoo's arrogance is abominable. As I said the UN will ultimately betray him. They are letting him commit atrocities then they will wipe him out for them. As Bob Marley said, we've got to fulfill the book.


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