Wednesday, March 13, 2024

Google has become an major source of misinformation

Remember how medical specialists testified in front of a US Congressional hearing and boldy declared that the government was the largest source of Covid misinformation during the pandemic. Well Google became a big part of that. They certainly weren't the only ones. YouTube, Facebook and Twitter was full of censorship, misinformation and partisan fake fact checkers cramming misinformation down our throats like it was some kind of Intelligence Operation.

Elon Musk saved Twitter but before him they were part of the misinformation team. It's a little bit more concerning when Google champions censorship and misinformation because they pretty much have a monopoly on the market. When the Internet first started there were several different search engines to choose from. Now there's pretty much just Google. That's concerning when they start censoring true information and promoting a false narrative.

Instead of going to a library and doing some research kids now a days will pick up their phone and ask Siri a question. Siri then does a Google search and tells you what they find. If you're in mainland China and you ask Siri what happened at the Tiananmen Square massacre it won't tell you. Likewise in North America you can ask Siri many controversial questions and clearly get the wrong answer. For example, Google CIA and drug trafficking. All you get is pages of bullsh*t defamation about Gary Web and the movie Kill the Messenger. The answer Google gives you is intentionally misinformed. It's like asking a question on the View.

If you Google Vincent Girolamo death it says he died of stab wounds. That is not true. That one could simply be an error but we can see Google is not infallible and Google has an agenda.

Here's another example. If you Google Star of Remphan, it shows a picture of a five pointed star and a six pointed star. Google is claiming that the Star of David is the Star of Remphan. That is ridiculous. The biblical verse doesn't say how many points the star had. It most likely was a five pointed star turned sideways because it was a Satanic Symbol not a Godly symbol.

Here's the deal. If anyone objects to a Jewish Globalist preaching Globalism, Google and the WEF will call them Antisemitic but if a non secular Jew preaches morality, Google and the WEF will promote misinformation and Antisemitism. I'll tell you where this is going to take us.

It all revolves around the adoption of a state religion which I oppose. IMO adapting a state religion is a stepping stone to abolishing religion altogether. For example, by adopting a state religion you ban all religions but one. Once you have done that, all you have to do is ban that one final religions and mission accomplished. Everyone in that one religion you chose to adopt were so excited they weren't able to see the writing on the wall and see where that road was going to ultimately lead. It's like a line from the book Fidel on Religion.

Fidel Castro was asked if he accepted help from Christian Marxists in his revolution. He answered it by saying we didn't ask anyone what religion they were. Which means yes he did. The problem is, Fidel Castro was no George Washington. As soon as he got power, Castro formed a Marxist Leninist Atheist state. The religious persecution wasn't as bad as Stalin but if you had a religion you couldn't be a member of the Communist party and the Communist party was the only party allowed on the ballot. So if you had a religion, you could never run for office.

So let's take a look at two WEF globalist brothers persecuting religious minorities in their regime, Benjamin Netanyahu and Narendra Modi. Modi is a Hindu persecuting Muslims and Sikhs in India while Netanyahoo is a secular Jew persecuting Muslims and Christians in Gaza and West Bank. It's a strange bromance so it is but there is a method to their globalist madness.

First Modi gets rid of Sikhs and Muslims in India, then the WEF gets rid of Hinduism in India and mission accomplished. Likewise, over in Israel, first Netanyahoo gets rid of Muslims and Christians in Israel, then the UN turns on him and wipes out the Jews. Once again it's mission accomplished. Banning all religion and all human rights is their end game. Adopting a state religion is their stepping stone to accomplish it. Oh the cunning plan of the evil one.


  1. Google only brings up ten pages of web links when you use its search engine.

    1. And they control which articles come up first and which articles get buried.

  2. Outlaw Archive has some interesting information on the death of Big Vinny.

  3. I'm not able to comment on some things but as I said before, as much as I hate Damion Ryan, I think the new charges against him are bullsh*t and are an example of disinformation coming from a false narrative.

  4. I dont use google. Duck duck go or Swisscow, they don’t track your searches like google. Be wise.


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