Monday, March 11, 2024

Juan Orlando Hernández Convicted of Drug Trafficking

Democracy Now is reporting that "US Backed Former Honduran President Juan Orlando Hernández Convicted of Drug Trafficking."

This is not a big surprise. This is another example of how the Agency turns on people that work for them. It wasn't just Hilary Clinton this time who supported the coup that put him in power. Donald Trump was decided by the CIA who rigged his reelection. Joel Skousen was right. Donald Trump is trying to do good but he doesn't do his homework. He doesn't know who is deep state and who isn't. Suffice it to say the whole CIA is.


  1. Manuel Noriega. There's a picture out there on the net of him and Bush 41 having a meeting.

  2. JUAN O SAVIN PRESENTATIONS on Rumble has tons of SCOTUS rock solid evidence on vote rigging. [PS: BC had 800,000 mail in ballots due to "covid" hmmm]

  3. Yes, there is. Noriega was kept in power by the Americans because he served their purposes. When they didn't need him anymore, he wasn't going to leave, so the arrested him and put him in jail. A lot of what we see today in Central and south America was caused by the American government back in the day, 1950s.


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