Friday, March 8, 2024

Transitioning News - Let kids be kids

SHTF TV is reporting that "The FBI arrested the founder of a D.C. nonprofit that served homeless LGBTQ+ youth on money laundering and fraud charges after her return to the United States from El Salvador. Ruby Corado allegedly transferred at least $150,000 in emergency relief funds intended for Casa Ruby to private bank accounts in El Salvador and hid it from the IRS, according to the U.S. Attorney’s Office for D.C. She had received more than $1.3 million in funding from the paycheck protection program and the economic injury disaster loan program."

"When news Corado was under investigation became public in 2022, she sold her home in Prince George’s County, Maryland, and fled to El Salvador, the U.S. attorney’s office said. Casa Ruby stopped operating in July 2022, failing to pay rent and employees and closing its transitional housing, the U.S. attorney’s office said. FBI agents arrested Corado at a hotel in Laurel Tuesday."

I have mixed feelings about this. I realize politics in the US are insanely polarized. I don't know if she was a fraudster or not but I do know the service she provided should continue. Kids should be kept safe but they shouldn't be groomed. SHTF is also reporting that "An investigation by Radio-Canada, CBC’s French language arm, revealed how 14-year-old girls in the province can quickly obtain a prescription for cross sex hormones, without a medical referral or the consent of their parents." OK that's not right. I realize there's a lot of passion on both sides of this debate but I want to balance the extremes. What consenting adults do is their business. The key words here are consenting and adults. Puberty blockers should be banned completely.

If you want to change your gender when you are an adult that is obviously your right but puberty blockers block the development of a child's brain. We should not be giving them to kids at all let alone without their parents consent. Parents are responsible for their children. Guardians make decisions for the kids that they aren't able to make. For example, a kid says I don't want to eat my vegetables. I want to eat chocolate cake for every meal every day. Well the kid might want that but the guardian knows that's not in the kid's best interest.

We need to protect trans kids. Yes we do. We need to protect all kids from all forms of exploitation and manipulation. Gays Against Groomers oppose the grooming of children. So do I. Right now children are being treated like political pawns and that is wrong.

Kids can't consent to sex but they can consent to changing their sex. They're not old enough to to vote but they are old enough to to decide they never want to have children or an orgasm before they've ever had one? That's insane. Chopping off body parts at that age is child abuse.

The obsession to transition kids against their parent's consent is an attack on the family and an attack on guardianship. Muslims and Sikhs share this concern. We shouldn't be building homeless shelters for kids to run away from home.

If kids are being physically or sexually abused in the home, that's different. Yet we all know how kids, especially teenagers, like to test the boundaries and rebel against the rules. Letting kids do drugs and go to late night parties against their parent's permission isn't in anyone's best interest. Homeless shelters that support under age prostitution should not be supported. Everywhere you turn they're trying to cram pedophilia down our throats and we have a moral duty to resist it.


  1. Yep , well spoken , it's all funded by the ones who run blackrock , vanguard,state street, etc it's not about equality it's about control , hit you with as many hornet stings as possible so you cant focus while they take everything apart to rebuild in their image
    One Newfie in BC

  2. Also nicely deflects from their covid crimes against humanity.


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