Monday, March 11, 2024

The Desecration of the Star of David - Update

I don't want to flog a dead horse but I do want to get this out there to set the record straight. People are allowed to disagree. I am allowed to disagree. Some causes I support, some causes I don't support. That's not unusual. Several people are in my grill insisting this and insisting that. I disagree with them and walk my own path in life. I support peace.

I don't support peace at any price but I don't support the lies of Globalism either. I see the Middle East conflict as similar to the Northern Ireland conflict. Two groups of people refusing to share. Northern Ireland is making progress. Israel and Palestine is not and that's mostly due to the divisions cause by lies. Benjamin Netanyahu is a bad man. I do not support him. He is a man filled with hate and intolerance like unto Ian Paisley.

How he has deceived Israel since the assassination of Yitzhak Rabin in 1995 is heart breaking. I Guess Gaza is a training ground for the UN's New world Order. We've got to fulfill the book.

Why is only the left concerned with peace? If you want peace that doesn't mean you have to support gender ideology and a whole bunch of other crazy things. I see fake surveys asking should Christians support Israel? I think Christians should support Peace. That's what I think. Blessed are the Peacemakers for they shall be called Children of God. That is what I believe.

My position on the Middle East conflict is for the most part a position of objective neutrality. Both sides have a valid claim but neither side has an exclusive claim. We are supposed to coexist.

I support the Oslo Accord in the middle East just like I support the Good Friday accord in Northern Ireland. It breaks my heart to see how Netanyahoo has conned the people of Israel. I remember years ago seeing a song from a female IDF Soldier saying we shoot we cry describing the heartfelt challenges of policing a land divided with conflict. Now we've gone from we shoot we cry to we shoot we laugh. That is an abomination. I do not support that.

The problem is Netanyahoo has broken the Oslo Accord. He complains when Palestinians sing from the river to the sea but that is his exact quest and I do not support it. The Palestinians will eventual come back with the Dragon and the Bear. Israel will once again be conquered and Jerusalem will once again be placed under siege. That is the prophecy and it will be fulfilled.

As we speak Netanyahoo has posted Palestinian homes in West Bank for sale. When a Jewish settler buys that home the Palestinian residents are evicted and forced into Gaza where they are being killed. That is unGodly and his globalist lies will not change that. Mind how ya go.

On that note, I have someone else insisting that the Star of David is an occult symbol. That is a lie. I do not believe that. The Star of David is a sacred geometrical symbol that represents man reaching up to God while God reaches down to man. The Great Architect of the Universe and the Grand Geometrician is the creator. The obsessive lies will not change that. Israel and the Palestinians both have a claim on that land. The problem is neither group has an exclusive claim and Netanyahoo refuses to share. His greed has consumed him. A Dieux. The Star of David has been desecrated not by the lies of Anti Semitism but by Netanyahoo's own misconduct.

Ancient 'Torah' uncovered in Turkey actually a crude fake

I24 News is reporting that "An ancient Torah scroll reportedly seized from smugglers by security forces in Turkey in November is in fact a crude forgery, the museum analyzing it said on Tuesday. The story of the seizure gained worldwide attention in several media outlets last month after Turkish news agencies said police in the country’s south west had unearthed what they believed was a 700-year old holy text being offered by "smugglers" for $1.93 million."

"Pictures of the rare discovery showed a colorful but haphazardly leather-bound book, with Hebrew markings that appeared at first glance to be upside-down and don’t seem to resemble actual Hebrew phrases. 'As we see from the page, this book is not Torah,' a spokesman for the Hagia Sofia Museum in Istanbul wrote in an email, noting that Torahs from this period should be scrolls rather than a bound book. Turkey faces a growing problem of fake antiquities, including Judaica, experts have observed."

"A market for fraudulent antiquities was further spurred by Syria’s almost six-years-long civil war, the Los Angeles Times reported last year. Syria’s director-general of antiquities and museums Maamoun Abdulkarim was quoted as saying that the portion of fakes among the artefacts he sees has jumped to 70% in the last few years."

Someone on Reddit also mentioned that it should be a scroll not a book from that time period which makes perfect sense. We've all heard of the Dead Sea scrolls. I've heard of friends who have visited a synagogue and mentioned very ancient scrolls in their possession. I do think ancient manuscripts are very interesting and can understand how eager fraudsters would be to make money off fakes. They also mentioned that Hebrew is read from right to left so having the book bound on the left is another sign it's a fake.


  1. Acts 7 : You took up the tent of Moloch and the star of your god Rephan, the images that you made to worship.
    Rev. 13 states the number/name of antichrist has 6 elements. 6 lines 6 triangles 6 points [flag hint hint] Gee what cult OWNS so much of the world and why do many of them have dual citizenship ?

    1. That is ridiculous. That is not true. I do not believe that. Revelations 13 states the number of the beast is 666. It's a number. It says nothing about elements, lines or triangles. To claim that the Star of David represents the number 666 because it has six points is absurd. This is a born again abomination from the church of the Devil. Hate based on lies.

      The Star of Remphan is not the star of David. That is ridiculous. Moloch was a false God people sacrificed children to by burning them alive. They built a statue to him not a star. The Star of Remphan is more likely a pentagram, the five pointed star turned sideways. The five pointed star right side upon is not a Satanic symbol either.

      As I said, I disagree with you and I am allowed to disagree. I don't care what you believe but you're preaching hate based on lies and that I cannot accept. I'm not going to argue about it. It's like the flat earth theory. It's too stupid to waste my time with. I have better things to do.

      If Freemasons do ever use the Star of David then that is evidence it was used long before the birth of Christ and the New Testament because Freemasonry comes from the building of Solomon's Temple which God commanded him to build. The haters are delusional fools. Shriners are Freemasons. They do good.


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