Wednesday, March 20, 2024

Calgary shooting suspect 5' 6"

Not to hate but the Calgary Herald is reporting that "Calgary police are looking for a man linked with a targeted shooting last month. Police were called to a home in the 1600 block of 22nd Avenue S.W. on Feb. 12 for reports of someone needing medical attention. When officers arrived, they found someone who looked as if he’d been shot, police said in a statement issued Tuesday morning. The victim was taken to hospital in life-threatening condition."

"On Feb. 22, investigators returned to the home with a search warrant and uncovered evidence that led to one man being charged, police said. Cosmos Lowingali, 25, of Calgary, is wanted for aggravated assault and multiple firearms offences, including discharging a firearm with intent and possessing a restricted/prohibited firearm with ammunition. He’s described as being five feet six inches tall and weighing 120 pounds with a slim build, black hair and brown eyes."

5' 6" - 120 lbs?! ROFL. Is that small man syndrome? I guess any 12 year old can pull a trigger.

Lil Man was short. Damion Ryan hired Lil Man to kill Anees Mohamed in the DTES. The PoPo don't care about that. They only care about the ridiculous claim that he was "going" to kill an Iranian dissident for an Iranian drug dealer.

Naji Sharifi Zindashti is a fugative drug dealer of Iranian ethnicity who escaped prison in Iran. He hired the Brother's Keepers to kill a rival drug dealer in Dubai. It is completely within the realm of believability that Naji Sharifi Zindashti hired Damion Ryan to kill a rival drug dealer in the US but there is no way he hired him to kill an Iranian dissident for the Iranian government.

The Iranian government are religious extremists like the Taliban. When the CIA said we have to protect the Opium crops in Afghanistan or the Taliban will, they lied. The Taliban brought opium production to a grinding halt right before the invasion. After the invasion the CIA made Afghanistan the largest producers of opium in the world, again. After the US pulled out of Afghanistan, the Taliban once again brought opium production to a grinding halt. Moral of the story: the CIA lied. Just like they are lying now about Iran.

The CIA claims that Adam Richard Pearson is the one Damion Ryan was "going" to have kill an Iranian dissident in Maryland. Adam and his brother Benjamin are accused of murdering Cody Michaloski 2019 in Grande Prairie and no one cares. All of a sudden he's accused of wanting to kill an Iranian dissident but not doing it and that's International Headlines. GMAFB.

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