Tuesday, January 30, 2024

Naji Sharifi Zindashti: Sifting through the truth and the lies

Update: "Iran denies involvement in drone strike that killed three US troops. The Islamic Resistance in Iraq has claimed it was behind the attack." aka ISIS - created, funded and armed by the CIA. ISIS is the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria. The same group Iran is fighting.

OK let's take a look at Naji Sharifi Zindashti. It appears that he is a drug dealer of Iranian descent who was convicted of drug dealing in Iran but escaped prison and fled the country to become extensively involved in the international drug trade. This YouTube video posted 5 months ago gives a good introduction to his criminal history. Naji has commissioned many murders over the years all related to the drug trade. The video even claims that he at one time hired two drug dealers from the Brother's Keepers in Vancouver to murder one of his rivals in Dubai.

That is believable. The Brothers Keepers work for the Edmonton Hells Angels who work along side the Wolf Pack in Vancouver. Damion Ryan is a leader in the Wolf Pack. It is possible that Naji Sharifi Zindashti hired Damion Ryan to order the murder of two rival drug dealers in the United States. That is possible. I do not believe he ordered the murder of two Iranian dissidents. The fake incitement didn't name the two people they have been accused of plotting the murder of.

Remember no one was killed this time. They are accused of plotting the murder but never carried it out. There is a key turning point in this informative YouTube video. At 7:34 in the video it states "Despite living like a king in Istanbul with his Lamborghinis, Rolls Royces and Villas, he interestingly enough chose to move bake to Iran after his release from prison. Remember Iran was the country he escaped from by brutal force and was still sentenced to life in prison."

"Why would he go back to that? Well, here's where it gets fascinating. Over the years Naji had gotten a lot of power in Iran as well. For unknown reasons he became an important person for the Iranian government. According to a Turkish news agency the Iranian Intelligence Ministry had been using Naji's gang to do hits on, or abduct Iranian dissidents in Turkey. How crazy is that?"

It's completely crazy. In fact I don't believe it is true. I believe a Turkish news outlet said it but I don't believe what the Turkish news agency said was true. Just like how an Australian news agency quoted the Australian Intelligence community and claimed James Riach switched sides and was working for the UN. I believe an Australian Intelligence agency said that but I do not believe what the Australian Intelligence agency said was true. If fact I know it's not.

I do not believe the current government of Iran endorses Naji's drug trafficking in Iran. The current government of Iran is pursuing a war on drugs and a drug prohibition. Capital punishment is used against drug dealers. I believe this complicated intelligence propaganda campaign is a lie.

Iran is the only country on the planet that is fighting ISIS. The CIA created ISIS, armed and funded ISIS to oppose the rival pipeline in Syria. The CIA brought ISIS back after they assassinated the Iranian general responsible for defeating ISIS in Syria and has moved them to Pakistan where the CIA thrives. The CIA is the largest drug trafficking organization on the planet.

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