Tuesday, January 30, 2024

Vancouver Sun claims drought during atmospheric river

The Vancovuer Sun is reporitng that "Both B.C. and Manitoba, where the vast majority of power is hydroelectric, are experiencing low reservoir levels that have negatively affected electricity production this fall and winter. There’s no risk in either province of the lights going out any time soon. But scientists say climate change is making drought both more common and more severe, which means more pressure on hydroelectric producers in the years to come."

Drought? This article was published yesterday. What f*cking planet are they living on? Metro Vancouver has experienced nonstop rain for the past two months. Everything is flooded. This article is completely false and totally insane. We sent electricity to Alberta during their blackout. Hydro electric power is green and reliable. Go f*ck yourself you lying communist POS.

Was that fake news written by a bot? Is the Vancouver Sun now AI?

Update: OK not let's examine why they are trashing hydro electric power. It's because they are pushing nuclear power. Bill Gates owns a nuclear power plant. Nuclear power is not clean and it is not green. Nuclear waste is virtually impossible to safely dispose of.


  1. It really is just crap the agenda being pushed.
    Zero integrity in reporting these days by anything corporately structured.

    Most people are so heavily indebted that when it comes to deciding to do the right thing and report the truth they are too scared of the consequences to do so.

    It's like the weather reporting, when did 28°C become an extreme heat weather warning? GTFOH
    Anything to conjure up fear and uncertainty so the herd will lead themselves to their own slaughter.
    Look up some youtube weather temp displays comparing last year's temps to say 10 or 15 years ago?
    The results are shocking as to how the same temperatures can be reported in such different context.
    15 years ago was just reporting the weather, where as today they must scare the shit out of you!

    Until we ALL demand the truth the games will continue to be played to society's detriment.

    1. Indeed. Also the article doesn't say we're going to experience a drought this summer because of a low snow pack and it doesn't say we are going to experience low reservoir levels it says we are currently experiencing a drought and low reservoir levels. That can't be written by someone who lives here because it is the exact opposite of what we are currently experiencing.

      Vancouver is experiencing an El Nino just like it did in 2010.

    2. Exactly. They used to call it a rain storm, now It’s a fancy name like atmospheric river… WTF… I’m unaware of rain from any other source but the atmosphere! Fear mongering with fancy words. A rose by any other name is still a rose… 🌹

    3. Yeah. Vancouver gets heavy rainfall. It's the Pacific Northwest. Now they call it an atmospheric river. It's a dramatic term to embellish the truth so they can promote their agenda. Mind you there is a sh*t loud of cloud seeding going on so it's no wonder we're getting a lot of rain. Only this time they're claiming we're in a drought when in reality we are being flooded. They are claiming the exact opposite of what we are actually experiencing. It must be a bot. It can't be a real person.

  2. Climate is always changing... So when a volcano errupts do they blame us? Most likely... The WEf and UN are the real enemy as they try to depopulate us, so many people continue to be asleep.

  3. Currentlly experiencing a drought? here? Watched the 6 p.m. t.v. news and they had a reporter standing in some real water up around Pemberton. That is not drought right now
    The t.v. news also reported flooding in the farm belt out in Abbotsford. Those blue berry bushes half under water was no drought that I can remember. It was a flood.
    Now come this summer there maybe a drought if we don't have a decent snow pack, but right now, not so much.

    The term Atmospheric River is new or fairly recent. the t.v. stations started using the term a few years ago to indicate some serious rain, more than usual. Do wonder some time why they changed the terminology. Having lived in this province since 1951 the rain has always been the rain. It falls in great heaps and then it drizzles. Rain perhaps is more newsworth these days because we have a greater population and more urban structure. Land which did not accumulate water 50 years ago, does today. Difference, there are paved roads, buildings, sewer systems, no trees, etc. We over logged in some places, built where we ought not have and viola, an atmospheric river. guess that sounds better than saying we were stupid and built things we ought not have in places which weren't suited for things.

    1. The term atmospheric river is simply a word the fake news made up to justify climate alarmism. Climate change does not justify throwing away civil liberty and embracing communism.

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