Thursday, January 18, 2024

UFC star Sean Strickland confronts politicized journalist

Update: The fake news is completely misrepresenting this interview. They said he went on an anti Canada rant. That is not what he did. He pointed to someone else in the crowd and said see that Canadian is different than that Canadian. He ripped on the politicized journalist and on Justin Trudeau who we all hate and objected to freezing the convoy's bank accounts. Freezing the bank accounts is anti Canada. Objecting to that is not. Check out his merch site.
True North is reporting that "In the buildup to UFC 297 in Toronto, UFC middleweight champion Sean Strickland went nuclear on Canada’s legacy media journalists at a press conference. In a typical move for Canadian sports journalists, instead of asking Strickland about his upcoming fight, one journalist tried to ask the UFC fighter about comments he made years ago on social media. Instead of taking the bait, Strickland turned the tables on the journalist and put him in his place." I share his hatred for Justin Trudeau. Freezing bank accounts was unacceptable.

I don't agree with everything Sean Strickland said in that interview but I do agree with most of what he said and he clearly illustrates what the problem is that's causing the push back. What you do is no one else's business. Just leave the kids alone. Don't push your beliefs on our kids.

No one likes to have religion crammed down their throat. Well Q + isn't just a religion, it's a cult. I'm not talking about LGBT. I'm talking about Q +. Q+ is trying to make discrimination against pedophilia illegal. They're trying to normalize the abnormal. The problem is they are pushing it on kids in school and that is child abuse.

Sean claimed that 30 years ago if you were transgender people saw that as a mental disorder. That's not entirely true. 30 years ago people just saw it as a fetish. The YouTubers that reposted the interview added a few comical cartoons at the end which referenced chicks with dicks. Then another cartoon said there's no such things as chicks with dicks only guys with tits.

Some people are Gay and some people like dicks and tits. That's a fetish, not a mental disorder. It's certainly not my thing but it's none of my business. Until you start exposing that sh*t to children. That crosses the line. I draw the line at LGBT. I reject Q+. Q+ is redundant, confusing and is infinite. It includes every dark perversion man can conceive of.

How about bestiality? You want to normalize that? That is not normal and kids definitely should not be exposed to that. A lot of these leftist freaks are literally trying to expose themselves to children. There is a reason that is illegal. Children need to be protected from that and those kind of freaks. Puberty blockers are not normal and not healthy. Grooming children to take puberty blockers without their parent's consent is insane.

I have a coworker who had an unwanted pregnancy scare when he was in his 20's. He went to his doctor and asked about getting a vasectomy. His doctor wouldn't do it. He said you're too young. It's highly likely when you get older and meet the right person you'll change you mind and want kids. His doctor was right. He did and he now has kids.

The point is, my coworker was an adult in his 20's. Kids in High School or elementary school are too young to decide they never want to have kids. Kids are too young to make that decision especially when they are being groomed to do so. The unwanted side effects of bottom surgery and hormone therapy is something many adults later regret. What consenting adults do is their business. Just leave the kids alone. That's where the push back is coming from and rightfully so.


  1. Ask any kid if they’d rather have a cookie or 1000 dollars and see what the answer is. Pretty well the exact reason they shouldn’t be pushing this in schools. Also did you see the article about the head of pride society in Fort St. John? Pretty well proves the intentions of most of these people who run these groups

    1. That guy in Fort St John was a Pedo right? At least they dropped him. Other Pedo's they've kept on because that's what Q+ represents.


  2. Yeehaw... to Sean! I loved it! He says what all the rest of us are 'afraid' to say because of the repercussions to our livelihood. And language? Well, doesn't offend me cause that's what I'd use.

  3. Good post! One of your better ones!

  4. Sean is true Canadian, unlike all the Liberal MP's in Canada.


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