Wednesday, January 3, 2024

Tucker Carlson coming to Alberta January 24th

Tucker Carlson is coming to Calgary to speak on January 24th and will interview Alberta Premier Danielle Smith. As that event was sold out instantly, a second venue has been added to the list later that same day in Edmonton interviewing Rex Murphy and Conrad Black

All of the mainstream media coverage of this event is absolutely ridiculous and clearly illustrates why Tucker Carlson is so popular. The whack jobs tried to cancel him and he keeps on coming. Rex Murphy is solid. He is not a right wing extremist. He is a champion of commons sense something the mainstream media abandoned years ago.

The fake news attacked Tucker for his coverage of the war in the Ukraine which they have completely misrepresented. The conflict in the Ukraine started with the CIA led coup against the elected president of the Ukraine. The Donbas which is predominately Russian speaking objected to the coup. So Zelenski commissions a battalion of literal Nazis to start bombing the Donbas.

This bombing campaign against the Donbas went on for years. A female Russian weight lifter sent out a heartfelt plea to Arnold Schwarzenegger to intervene. That plea fell on deaf ears and nothing happened so Putin went in to protect the Russian speaking Ukrainians against the Nazi's bombing campaign. That's when the fake news' disinformation campaign went into full effect.

The fake news falsely accused Russia of bombing a nuclear power plant in a city they had taken. That lie failed the test of believability and Tucker Carlson exposed that lie. Now the fake news insists that alternate opinions are a threat to our democracy. That is literally insane. Free speech is a fundamental principle of our democracy. We have a right to disagree with a government policy. This blind obsession with conformity is Orwellian and is very unAmerican.

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  1. Great find, thank you for posting the two newspaper headlines. This provides truth to the “ conspiracy “ that the news media is no longer independent. Or cares about factual reporting.


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