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The Five Eyes and the Surrey Pressure Cooker Bomb Plot

Speaking of the Five Eyes Alliance Fraud let's revisit the Surrey Pressure Cooker bomb plot. The RCMP who were tipped off by a foreign intelligence agency were found guilty of entrapment. Remember the day the story broke? Post Media News gave us an illegal tour of their basement suite before they went to trial. The purpose of the tour was to defame the suspects in support of the Five Eyes Alliance Fraud. It was the beginning of the Fake News' fall.

CTV reported that "RCMP investigators had barely finished sifting through the personal belongings of a British Columbia couple accused of planning a Canada Day terrorist attack when reporters, photographers and camera operators descended on the two-bedroom basement apartment near Vancouver, eager to get a look inside."

"The suspects' landlords, who live on the main floor of the house in a residential area of Surrey, B.C., were all too ready to oblige, allowing a steady stream of journalists to document the messy squalor inside the suite. John Nuttall and Amanda Korody were arrested on Canada Day and details of the plot were unveiled by the RCMP at a news conference the following day."

It wasn't a steady stream of journalists. It was a Post Media News exclusive.

"Images from inside the apartment -- including posters and books featuring Arabic writing, prescription methadone bottles belonging to Korody and printed photographs -- were soon beamed across the country, offering a glimpse into the lives of two suspected terrorists.

"But a civil liberties organization and a tenants' rights group are raising concerns about the fact that journalists were allowed in at all, suggesting the media tours violated tenancy and privacy laws. 'It's illegal,' said Josh Paterson, executive director of the B.C. Civil Liberties Association. 'As far as we're concerned, based on the information we know, it was illegal for the landlord to let anyone in or go in themselves.'"

Exactly. Post Media News jumped at the illegal opportunity to get an exclusive inside look at the basement suite with the sole intent of defaming the suspects. Oh but wait, there's more.

I had attended parts of the trial and became friends with the family. That was before the fall of Post Media news and the rift. Back then I had a good relationship with several different reporters.

One of the reporters saw that I was close with the family and asked me to call them on their cell so they would have my number. We were right outside the courthouse but when I saw my call on her call display it was being rerouted from another location. That's how they intercept encrypted messages. Nothing I did was encrypted. I just thought it was strange "they" were rerouting my cell phone to track it. On the first day I met John's mother and grandmother. His grandmother was a Caucasian Christian who lived in the basement suit and moved out a few days before the raid.

The grandmother didn't trust the media and didn't want to talk to them at first. Then all of a sudden she walks up to me and starts talking to me. The media noticed and surrounded us wanting her to speak to them which she eventuality started doling. It was raining. I turned to one of the reporters and asked to borrow their umbrella. Then I opened it up and held it above his elderly grandmother while she was speaking to the press.

The court took a break for lunch and one of the reporters asked me what I was doing during the break. I smiled and said I'm going out for lunch with John's mother and grandmother. Then I asked him you want it? You're welcome to join us. He passed and I said yo man this is how you get the inside story. He declined but I eagerly accepted and went for luch with them.

During lunch John's grandmother was talking about Post Media New's misrepresentation of the basement suit. She mentioned some specific things which the fake news claimed was for making bombs. She said that wasn't for making bombs, that was mine. The purpose of that fake tour was to defame and misrepresent the suspects. There's a bit more.

The reason why John's grandmother moved out of the basement suit a few days before the raid was because they were all afraid for their lives. They were convinced Mr Big was going to kill them and their entire family if they didn't do everything he told them to.

John had no idea how to make a pressure cooker bomb. Neither do I and we used to make gunpowder from scratch when I was a kid. The CIA and the FBI are the only ones who know how to make a bomb out of a pressure cooker. John was frantic because he didn't know how to do it and he thought they were going to kill him if he didn't.

Anyways, after the judge found the RCMP guilty of entrapment, John and Ana were free to go. We took my car to pick up Ana's belongings from the women's prison in Maple Ridge. John and Ana were in the back seat and John's mother was in the front passenger seat. John was dope sick. He was dry heaving into a paper bag just like they said he was in the trial. How's he going to master mind anything when he's dry heaving all the time? The whole case was total BS.

We're on a side street and John's mother pulls up the directions on her phone. All of a sudden an under cover police car drives right in front of us and block us from moving forward. I raise my hands and point to his mother saying she's the one on the phone. I'm not touching the phone. I thought they were going to try and give me a ticket for using a cell phone while driving.

Then another cop cars blocks us from the rear and a sh*t load of cops get out. They look like their Gang Task Force. Then all of a sudden it dawns on me. Are you hear for them I ask. Why didn't you just talk to us at the courthouse before we left? You know we're on our way to pick up Ana's belongings at the prison. I'm wondering WTF is going on.

Turns out they were pulling a dirty trick without their lawyer's knowledge. After the judge found the RCMP guilty of entrapment, they ran over to the other courthouse in the DTES and filed an ex parte application without telling or serving their lawyers. It was a really slimy thing to do.

They have Ana on the sidewalk and she looks like she's going to start bawling. I yell out hang on sweetheart, we support you. Then one of the cops comes up to me and says do you support terrorists? No I don't I said. They aren't terrorists. Did you read the judge's decision? Then he starts mocking the judge and the judge's decision. I'm just shaking my head saying this is f*cked.

So we go over to the other courthouse in the DTES. We're in the courtroom. I'm sitting in the gallery with John's mother. Ana is in the court but they've taken her hijab off and she's just bowing her head in shame and I thought you b*stards. You don't take a Sikh's turban off and you don't take a Muslim's hijab off. The whole thing was completely unnecessary. They should have served their lawyer when we were in court. They didn't do that because they wanted to go in front of another judge who hadn't heard the case so they could lie to them and be believed.

They were eventually released again and I remember waiting outside the DTES courthouse with the media scrum. One of the cameramen from the CBC point to the top of the building and says that's a stingray antenna. I look up and see the antenna and ask what is that? He just looks at me and I realize what it was and said oh.... That is what the police use for warrantless surveillance of any and all cell phone service in that area.

The police in Toronto denied using them but the Toronto Star did a freedom of information act request and found documentation proving the police lied and were using them for warrantless surveillance of all pubic cell phones. Since then they started putting them up all over Surrey with surveillance cameras. They have one outside my house. Those aren't traffic cameras they're surveillance cameras. When I posted that on my blog someone said that's not a stingray antenna that's a yagi antenna. Then I was like WTF do you think that yagi antenna is connected to?
A few months later I was at the Surrey courthouse and walk by Surrey PreTrial. Right outside Surrey PreTrial they had another stingray antenna. I understand why they would want them there. Inmates aren't supposed to have burner phones so they want to listen in on those conversations but those are the exact same antennas they have all over Surrey listening to everything everyone has to say. Five Eyes Surveillance. Ready to set up and arrest anyone for their political opinion.


  1. "Dirty deeds" done dirt cheap.

  2. Where was "officer integrity" was that day? "No, that would be wrong, we won't do that", or "I'm not comfortable with that"? It seems such words are seldom used.

  3. Other than the judge rightfully harshly verbally lambasting the cops did the RCMP face any other consequences, and why didn't the family sue?

    1. That's a good point. After that decision, the RCMP faced absolutely no consequences whatsoever. However, I did read that in 2022 the couple did sue the police. They should have added Post Media News to the lawsuit:

    2. I just read that they are having trouble serving the cops with the lawsuit as the RCMP is refusing to identify the UC's involved. ffs The RCMP are a joke.

    3. I don't know about that. My hotmail account was hacked and I've lost contact with them.

    4. Probably RCMP that hacked it. Wanted you out of the picture.

    5. The things I could tell you in that regard.... Someone who hacked into that account specifically deleted all the email I had with a former member of the OMGU. Some others things have happened as well. When I saw the complete reversal in the last Surrey civic election, nothing surprises me any more.

    6. In fact, during my last court case someone deleted all my email with a key witness. Thankfully I had their phone number. While I was on the phone and they were resending me the exhibits I was locked out of that account and had to have them send it to another account. I kid you not.

    7. Yeah those facts pretty much speak for themselves.

  4. Do you remember the Michael Zehauf-Bibeau Parliament Hill thing? Why does it feel like MZB was another target; except they lost control of him. He fits their target profile: mentally ill, opiate addicted, muslim. Something about that whole story does not add up.

    1. I don't know much about that one but there are a whole lot of things that don't add up. I thought the attack on the guard at the tomb of the unknown soldier was orchestrated. The Nova Scotia one was crazy suspicious.

  5. “I find it disappointing that both Mr. Serr and the solicitor general are not being respectful of the courts,” Locke said. “They know that this issue is before the courts and I think it’s disappointing that they aren’t respecting that process. We don’t have a date yet, but like all things legal we have a date to make a date. So we do have that, and I believe it’s in the beginning of February. So the process is underway, they know that full well, and I would just ask that they respect the courts and respect the process.”

    1. What a crock of sh*t. The Surrey RCMP and Brenda Locke are dirt bags.


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