Friday, January 19, 2024

Klaus Schwab seeks to replace private property and local sovereignty with globalist socialism

Update: The UN is present in Davos and is tied to the WEF.

House Republicans Introduce ‘Defund Davos Act’ to Protest World Economic Forum

Ezra Levant from Rebel News is reporting that "On last night's episode of The Ezra Levant Show, Ezra delved into the World Economic Forum (WEF) ideology of 'one world' governance and socialism. Speaking from the streets of Davos, Ezra said, "The World Economic Forum is very much an ideological organization. I think if I had to define that ideology, globalism would be the first one." "I think the second unfortunately would be socialism. And I don't say that as an insult but rather a description of what Klaus Schwab, the founder and owner of the World Economic Forum, believes in. I say owner because he owns it. It's not an international NGO. It's not a non-profit. It's not a public entity. He owns it. He started this private organization."

"He talks about stakeholder capitalism. And he talks about stakeholder decision making for public policy. And what does he mean by that? Because don't we already have shareholder decision making for a company? And don't we already have elections and democratic, sovereign elections in countries to run a country?"

"So when he talks about stakeholder capitalism or stakeholder democracy, he's talking about other groups making the decisions besides shareholders. And wouldn't you know it, those other groups are the people that he happens to know and like and sell access to."

Ezra nailed it. Stake holder Capitalism is Klaus Schwab's brand of Communism where the public has absolutely no say in how the taxes are spent. In a previous post I made about this someone posted a link to a news story showing that the Fuhrer Klaus Schwab actually wants to get rid of democratic elections. That is not Stakeholder Capitalism. That is iron fist Communism.

Here's the dilemma. Everything Ezra said about Klaus Schwab and the World Economic Forum is absolutely true. The problem is everything Ezra said about Klaus Schwab also applies to Benjamin Netanyahu who is another died in the wool globalist. How can he support one and not the other? To me it doesn't make sense. I just don't understand. If one is bad, both are.

I'll give you an analogy. I used to be involved with the Mormon Church. I have many good friends who still are. I totally respect their work ethic. Yet I do not have blind faith in Mitt Romney who is another deep state globalist like George Bush. Ezra Taft Benson was a patriot. Mitt Romney is not. Glen Beck is a Patriot. He's awesome. Somehow we have to rise above this blind faith in people based on the religion they pretend to be. You can't say all Mormons are this or all Jews are that. People are individuals free to make their own choices.

Members of the Mormon church are allowed to have different political opinions. That's the way it's supposed to be. So I'm somewhat confused by this blind faith in Benjamin Netanyahu. He's a globalist just like Klaus Schwab. He wants to make Jews and Palestinians slaves.

Under the Guise of War: Israel Government Restricts Rights of Israelis


  1. Fuck the WEf. I will die with my legal guns in hand before I let them take over. Just saying.

  2. Probably more of a ""pro-Israel and he happens to be the leader" thing rather than faith in him personally. A case of "The President you go to war with is the one who is the President when the war starts". A "bounce" as the pollsters call it.

    1. That's quite probable but I just see it as conflicted. We all talk about the cancel culture of the fake news. How they erroneously claim that if you disagree with them you are homophobic. Now we see them claim if you disagree with an Israeli policy you are anti Semitic. People are allowed to disagree with a policy.


  3. If only it were real!

    1. Indeed. I wasn't sure if the one from the president of Argentina was real as well.

  4. Nothing more than a Nazi Regime in the lava stage.
    Need to be shut down! Don’t recognize them. Don’t acknowledge them. And boycott their assets. I look at everything, if It’s made in China, I don’t intentionally buy it. Not saying things slip by me, but I make an effort, no matter how small.


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