Friday, January 5, 2024

Public drug use is an attack on the Charter

I've mentioned how completely insane Chief Justice Christopher Hinkson's treasonous decision to over ride the BC's NDP's fix to their obvious mistake in decriminalization of hard drugs. We can all clearly see the agenda behind this. Judges need to be accountable to the law.

The Charter of rights protects civil liberty. The freedom of expression and association. The freedom of the press. The right to a fair trial. The right to legal representation. These are all important rights protected by the Charter. The right to commit murder or rape is not a Charter right. The right to commit crime is not a charter right. The right to use harmful illegal drugs in public is not a charter right. We saw the deranged agenda behind decriminalization.

As soon as the BC NDP decriminalized hard drugs Justin Trudeau jumped at the opportunity and started issuing permits for companies to produce cocaine. That was not the intent of decriminalization the possession of small amounts of drugs. The intention of that controversial act was to help addicts get treatment. It was not to promote the full scale commercialization and increased commerce of illegal drugs. Yet Justin Trudeau clearly had his own agenda.

Christopher Hinkson is the worst judge in Canadian history. All the insane things Peter Leask did pale in comparison. This horrific decision clearly shows us the judicial system needs to change. Judges need to be accountable to the people who pay their wages. Their defiant arrogance has gone on far too long and must be dealt with. This horrific attack on public order is a clear attack on the charter of rights. They are trying to create anarchy.

Yesterday someone I know took the bus home from work in Surrey. The bus couldn't stop at their stop right at a busy intersection beside Guildford mall because several drug addicts with their buggies had taken over the busy bush shelter and were huddled in a circle smoking crystal meth.

It was not safe for the bus driver to let the passengers off there so he let them off further down the block. The defiant drug addicts have been empowered by this criminal decision and are smoking crystal meth in public knowing there is nothing anyone can do to stop them. Not on my watch.

You can't smoke cigarettes or drink alcohol in public places but you can smoke crystal meth? That is Bullsh*t! Christopher Hinkson is public enemy number one - Stop him.


  1. The judiciary and all that it represents is anything but for the people!
    What a stupid judge. And I mean STUPID! How many of these STUPID judges rule our courts? Waaaaay too many. Theres an abundance of meaning behind the phrase, OUT of ORDER! Bet these STUPID judges dont get that.

  2. Ugggh. While normal citizens are dealing with rising food costs and insane housing costs, these fools line their pockets with hare brained schemes.
    Who has the time to analyze these fools and their activities.
    There’s a quote about a ruler who burns his kingdom to the ground to be a king over the ashes. Trudeau is that person.

  3. this decision by the Judge reminds me, once we gained "rights" it also became a "contest" of whose rights take priority. It isn't always the majority becauuse minority rights also need to be protected.

    In many of these decisions the one groupo that doesn't seem to be taken into consideration is the rights of children, especially those under 14. What right does any one have to pollute the parks and beaches with drugs, their paraphanlia, and air pollution, etc. where children play. Very young children don't know some things are dangerous just to touch. A toddler doesn't know you can't pick some things up. You can watch your child like a hawk, but it only takes 2 seconds for a toddler to make a fast move. Toddlers and other young children don't get to vote yet laws are made which have serious impacts on them. Its time we as a society start making children a priority and not what is perhaps "politically correct".
    It would be interesting to see how the courts would rule if a toddler challenged these decisions.
    It is time the courts started protecting children. Doing drugs in parks, beaches, school yards is just not on. It endangers children.

    1. You raise two valid points. The whole idea of elected judges seems weird to me. The law is the law. It's not a popularity contest. The purpose of the charter is, as you say, to defend the rights of the minority against the will of the majority. However, our judges have zero accountability to the public who pay their wages and elect the governments that make the laws the judges are paid to enforce.

      The other valid point is about the kids. What consenting adults do in private is their business but open drug use should not be allowed in the presence of children. People are worried about second hand cigarette smoke effecting children. How about second hand crystal meth smoke? Children should be protected from that. Children should also be protected from pedophiles.


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