Sunday, January 7, 2024

The Wolf Pack Bust and Damion Ryan's roll over

I just want to review that November 30th 2022 I reported on a Wolf Pack drug bust in the DTES. Prior to that I had reported that the Wolf Pack had taken over the drug trade in the DTES after the Redd Alert took back all the drug dealers from the UN for them. That Wolf Pack drug bust in the DTES confirmed what I previously said. As I pointed out in that post the timing of the bust was highly suspicious since it was 8 months after Damion Ryan's arrest by the Manitoba police.

As we have seen that's the way the Wolf Pack roll on the people they hire. Damion Ryan rats out his own people so he can stay out of jail and be allowed to sell drugs with impunity. The police get a bust and a pat on the back while Damion Ryan gets to continue selling drugs business as usual. So if you can see though the smoke and mirrors, nothing has really changed.

Vancouver is Awesome repoted that "The group involved, documents said, included Anees Mohammed, Charles Pronteau, Devinder Dhillon, Jose Joseph, Jesse Spencer, Simbrashe Kamzimbi, Jaden Sangha, Joseph Lowley (aged 39), Hemen Saed, Diego Saed, Roger Bardales Medina (aged 30), Vinod Aruldevarajan (aged 27), Keemiwan Onederfull, Acil Amrani and others."

Anees Mohammed worked for Damion Ryan. Damion Ryan hired Lil Man, the Driftwood Crips connection to the Brother's Keepers, to kill Anees then rolled on him as soon as he killed him.

Damion Ryan sounds a lot like Michael Kramer aka Messa Mike. Just sayn.


  1. Sounds like a bunch of scum bags...How do you know so much?

    1. People who are involved tell me things because they don't like what they are doing.

  2. Could someone please explain “informant.”
    Are these thugs truly immune from prosecution despite carrying on committing crimes? Are they always protected? Can they be exposed by the public somehow?

    1. There's some shady sh*t going on. If someone rats someone else out they can get a reduced sentence but they are not supposed to get a free license to sell illegal drugs.


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