Monday, January 29, 2024

Bustin Caps at the Range: Peace of mind

OK I'm back from the range so I am and I'm feeling all zenned out. I've been getting agitated because it's been raining for my entire holidays and the mountains are crap right now. I haven't been snowshoeing all season. Usually when I haven't been hiking or kayaking in awhile I start to get owly but when I come back from a nice hike I'm recentred.

So today I decided to go to the range and I'm glad I did. For me it's very peaceful. Several years ago I took my daughter over to DVC and we went in the VIP range to shoot 9mms. All these yahoos were drooling over the heavy loads and we were link ping, ping, ping.

On the way home my daughter said this is going to sound creepy but I found that very peaceful. I was like I know right. It is. Maybe it's like pounding the heavy bag. I don't know but I do find target shooting very peaceful.

So today I started off with a few long guns. Just so everyone knows we can still buy long guns in Canada and you can rent long guns and pistols at the Range. Supporting that business is in our own best interest. It's important for everyone to learn proper gun safety.

There was a couple beside me and the guy was teaching the girl how to shoot. He didn't know a lot about the different firearms but he was very good with his safety stressing to keep your finger off the trigger and point the gun down range. Then he showed her how to pose with the rifle for a picture with the finger off the trigger, the action open so people can see it's unloaded and pointed down range. She remembered two of the three and he just corrected her position slightly so she was clearly down range for the picture. We were all told that there were a couple of guys who came to the range and were taking pictures with the rented guns.

Only they were pointing them at each other. The range officer grabbed them by the back of the neck and kicked them out. He said don't ever come back here again. Controlling the muzzle is very important. You never point a firearm at someone even if you know it's unloaded. Ever.

As I was going though my ammo I heard the guy cheering her on saying shoot the cop. I turned my head and thought WTF did you just say? Then he started to say shoot the bad guy. I thought yo man I don't give a f*ck what you say but there are a lot of cops that go here and they probably wouldn't appreciate hearing that. The purpose of the second amendment in the US is to defend your family not to get into a firefight with the police.

I know Americans always say you can have my guns when you pry them from my cold dead fingers like in the movie Men in Black. That's not my position here in Canada. I believe in obeying the law. If they ban a certain type of firearm and the police come to take them I would not get in a firefight with the police. That is insane and can only end in disaster. Mind you Texas is different.

However, if ANTIFA were rioting with the police putting my home and family at risk, I'd outflank ANTIFA and support the police. Those are sailors rights. Protection of persons and property.

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