Thursday, January 25, 2024

Conor D'Monte is next on the Rat Pack's list

Speaking of the Rat Pack, Conor D'Monte recently withdrew the appeal of his extradition because he thinks he's going to get off. Why is that? Well let's look at the facts. Kevin LeClair was one of Jamie Bacon's bodyguards. He was shot dead way back in 2009 three months before I started this blog and a year after the public safety rally at Beer Creek Park which caused me to start the website. 2009 was the peak of the Vancouver Gang War between the UN and the Bacon Brothers who had taken over the leadership of the Red Scorpions in the Surrey Six for Larry Amero.

Blaze was part of the rat pack that lied about Cory Vallee in court. In that trial the defense lawyer said "the linchpin witnesses, who can be identified only as A, B, C and D due to a sweeping publication ban, escaped punishment for murders and got other perks by co-operating with the Crown. They did not just get money. They received a small fortune.”

In that trial the defense lawyer also said "a key Crown witness made up a confession from his client in order to get a deal from police." The lawyer then cited some details of what the witness claimed to police that Vallee told him about the LeClair hit that did not line up with other evidence called earlier in the trial. Blaze was never a member of the UN. The Bobsy Twins were but he wasn't. Blaze was convicted of selling crystal meth for the Hells Angels but never served that sentence. Now Blaze and Jamie Bacon are trashing the club because that's the way they roll.

Back to the Kevin LeClair murder. The only real witness saw two shooters. Both were wearing balaclavas but one was noticeably larger than the other. That was K-9. If that guy was wearing a balaclava you'd still be able to recognize him. K-9 was huge. He was a power lifter and a professional wrestler. Cory Vallee and Conor Conor D'Monte are the same size.

One of the shooters was K-9 and he's dead. It's possible Cory or Conner were the second shooter but it is not possible they both were. The Crown already convicted Cory so if Cory was one, Conor was not the other. It's pretty obvious to people who live here.

The Rat Pack can lie to the Five Eyes Alliance and fool Australia but they can't fool us who live here. James Riach is not working for the UN. That is a lie and that lie will come to light. Word.


  1. Agreed. Have you seen todays article in the rag aka Province/Sun. The whole article is weak bullshit. Also that fight where the director got rocked is bullshit. That dude started it by trying to bully the locals there by being the big drunk white guy, he was also harassing some of the girls that where there with Billy. The guy thought he was hot shit Hollywood director and got handsy with the ladies. I agree he should not of been stomped that hard but he isn't innocent. This was reported on in news publications over there and is one of the reasons the cops there don't give two fucks buddy Hollywood started it.

    1. LOL that is hilarious. That was from an old GQ article. I wrote about that years ago:

  2. Post Media are trash, only a fool believes what they print. There “ newspapers “ don’t even print in a Monday anymore.


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