Sunday, January 21, 2024

Dricus Du Plessis defeats Sean Strickland in split decision

Evidently Dricus Du Plessis defeated Sean Strickland in a split decision at UFC 297 in Toronto. That means there's going to be a rematch. Hats off to Dana White for allowing free speech.

Look at Dricus Du Plessis's face after the fight. I do respect him as a person.
But McGregor's a b*tch. He's not just a villain he's a f*ck up. He has no class.

Another woke reporter was trying to ask Dana White about how he gives his fighters a long leash with respects to what they can say and Dana White rightfully said a leash? I don't give anyone a leash. Free speech. I don't tell anyone what to say or what to believe. That's the way it's supposed to be. These other politicized sports are f*cked.
In pre fight interviews with Nina Drama Sean talked about his girlfriend and said how she makes him a better man.That is what it's all about. Respect. In another interview about Sean's response to the woke reporter, Dana White said there were two female fighters on the card who are gay sitting at the same table as Sean during that press conference and they don't give a f*ck about Sean's opinion. This whole obsession with controlling what people say is unhealthy.


  1. Very clever reply by Dana.
    By using the term leash this fkn retarded reporter had already hung themselves before getting started.

    1. Exactly the reporter was trying to say he keeps his fighters on a long leash and Dana rightfully said I don't keep them on any leash.

  2. People can no longer contain their frustrations with the petulant tyrant.

    When in our history have we witnessed such digust for our top official?

    People will literally be dancing in the streets if and when this piece of hubris vacates office.

  3. The journalist was Alexander K Lee...

    1. Yeah whatever. The thing is, he doesn't matter.


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