Wednesday, January 31, 2024

4 shootings at Toronto area movie theatres

CBC is reporting that "Cineplex has cancelled screenings of a South Indian film following four drive-by shootings at theatres throughout the Greater Toronto Area the day it premiered. Cineplex spokesperson Michelle Saba says the theatre chain pulled the action film Malaikottai Vaaliban due to circumstances beyond their control. Saba adds that Cineplex is working closely with local authorities who are leading an investigation related to incidents at their theatres."

City News is reporting that "The acts of violence are now being linked to a turf war with a group attempting to prevent various South Indian-language movies from being shown in favour of other films." OK now that is crazy. Who the f*ck cares of they show a movie in Hindi, Mandarin or Klingon? That's weird. Very weird. What the hell is the Malayalam language? That's a rare dialect from the deep south of India. Was this a publicity stunt? It sounds like a soap opera.

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