Sunday, January 21, 2024

DeSantis withdraws endorses Trump

I guess that's cause the fake news gave him the boot and endorsed Nikki Haley.

If it wasn't for Florida and Texas this Globalist POS would still have us locked down.


  1. Yeah it's the right move for the movement and to save any chance for him in 2028.
    One of the worst campaigns in recent history this was for him.
    2028 was his had he just waited, now that is very doubtful.

    1. Not really. He was a great governor. He'll be awesome in 2028.

  2. He burned up way too much political capital in this ill advised run.

    Proved he is definitely not a closer nor the political force everyone was hoping he could become.

    Once again it just proves how much of a force the old guy and his movement is.

    Sadly I still don't think the DS will let him win.

    Alex Soros Tweets Out Bullet Hole and 47 — A Direct Violent Threat to Donald Trump! | The Gateway Pundit | by Jim Hoft

    Can you believe this little fkn punk??!!

    1. I just think the Trump cultists are bitter he ran against Trump. That was his right. Trump only has one term left. The cultists need to look past that. Desantis would be good for 2028. Alex Soros is a lying freak. Crime has not stabilized. He and his father have funded a crime explosion to justify their insane brand of Communism.

    2. Surround yourself with Bush financial backers and Karl Rove advisors and you suffer the consequences.

      The whole Trump cultist term is such a gross misrepresentation of his base, it's almost comical at this point.
      Except it for what it is, people who have had enough of the bullshit and lies being rammed down their throats by the current political system.

      Their are many parallels to the massive support Pierre Poilievre is seeing in this country as well, dare we call that a cult too?
      As someone who consistently mentions loyalty and respect on your blog, it's interesting you can't recognize Ron's complete lack of it?

      Ron DeSantis was entitled to challenge Trump, but sometimes entitlement has a way of humbling even the most ambitious.

    3. First of all, people are allowed to disagree. I'm allowed to disagree with you and you are allowed to disagree with me. I'm not saying all Trump supporters are whack jobs but some extremists are. When I say cult like I'm referring to the QAnon flat earthers who literally think Trump is their Messiah and can do no wrong. They can't see past 2028. Everyone has to be accountable no matter who they are and we have to look past Trumps final term in office. If you want to hate on Desantis go ahead. I don't care. I simply disagree with your opinion of him.

  3. I don't hate on DeSantis at all, fully capable man and was the heir apparent.

    I am simply highlighting that his political career was hijacked by a group of never Trump rhinos that orchestrated and influenced Ron's over ambitious time line.
    Almost all of Trumps current supporters were all on board for DeSantis 2028, I would suspect many still are.
    It was the Bush/Rove influence that most believe was responsible for this overly ambitious timeline, as initially Ron too was on board for 2028.

    We are all entitled to opinions and dialogue is always a good thing.
    Your blog has woken many people out of the state of hypnosis some have been in for decades!
    Good work.

  4. Just wanted to clear up the mentioning of the stuttering little weasel Alexander Soros.
    I was referring to his veiled threat of violence against Trump.
    The bullet hole in the window and the $47 silver certificate dollars.
    The hole is self explanatory, the money is referring to 47th president, silver certificate dollar refers to the death, no longer in circulation.
    This stuttering little weasel's threat on its own is laughable.
    This gimp has spent millions on image consultants trying to create something he isn't. His moment to shine at the WEF clearly illustrated the consultants failed miserbly!


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