Tuesday, January 23, 2024

The Five Eyes of the World Economic Forum

While we have some time and while we watch a covert operation unfold, let's calmly and rationally do some math. Let's remember how and why the Five Eyes screwed over Cameron Otis and how long the CIA has been involved with drug trafficking in Australia and the Golden Triangle.

Let's start with the book Compromised by Terry Reed. Next let's examine The Crimes of Patriots by Jonathan Kwitny. Let's not forget the testimony of Bo Gritz. Next let's examine the CIA's involvement in the collapse of the Nugan Hand bank in Australia. Just like the BCCI it was the result of the CIA's drug trafficking, money laundering and arms dealing. That is a familiar pattern that has repeated itself over and over. Remember that when you read their next press release.

OK let's be honest. Remember Edward Snowden and the NSA? Warrantless surveillance is what the Five Eyes represent. Do you really think that's a good idea? Do you really think any lie they can dream up would rationalize that?

We're looking at intelligence agencies that are deeply invoked with drug trafficking and we are looking at politicians deeply involved with the promotion of drug use. They both have the same agenda. When the CIA says they want to address organized crime that's like Xi Jinping saying he wants to root out corruption within the Communist party. When tey say that that means they want to get rid of rivals. CSIS and the CIA need more accountability not less.

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