Sunday, March 24, 2019

Thousands of bystanders caught in Toronto police sweep of cellphone data

The Toronto Star is reporting that "Toronto police and RCMP officers deploying controversial Stingray surveillance technology over a two-month period swept up identifying cellphone data on more than 20,000 bystanders at malls, public parks and even a children’s toy store."

Last year the Toronto Star exposed the fact that the Toronto police were using Stingray antennas after they denied they were using them. These are the same antennas outside Surrey pretrial and the East Vancouver courthouse the police use to capture all cell phone data without a warrant.

These are the same stingray antennas the police have set up outside my house and all over Surrey at numerous intersections beside the new surveillance cameras. The problem isn't just that they collect innocent bystanders data when they are looking for specific criminals. The problem is they conduct warrantless surveillance of citizens who are not accused of criminal activity for their political affiliations. Edward Snowden: The whole kingdom Snow White


  1. Downtown Charlottetown PEI is covered in police cameras. The cops roll around with assault rifles in the trunk and they recently bought radar technology to map the inside of buildings from the outside. The cops are also all huge coulda woulda been NHL players with all the arrogance you can imagine. They never walk the street unless there is a cruise ship around (a common question from tourists is "do you guys even have cops?") so they just drive around with the windows rolled up completely isolating themselves from the community. We've had one murder in three years (in February, just kids being stupid on drugs not organized crime). We have no gangs and our HA prospects are a fucking joke. Why do we need to be under surveillance 24/7? I can understand in a bigger place with guns and gangs but why the fuck are we under constant surveillance?

    Not to mention if the cops do show up they just put all their energy into browbeating you to let it go so they can go back to driving in circles with the windows rolled up.

    1. Good question. Warrantless surveillance is illegal.

    2. Unknown You realize you've just described a Police State, right?

      As I have remarked before, the culture of policing in Canada is the problem, Canadians have been victims of "bleed-over" from American culture where you all have been given the idea that policing in Canada is a combination of what you've seen on TV and the image of the RCMP that public relations has promulgated for decades. If it ever was true, it certainly isn't over the last 20-30 years. Basically the police do whatever they want, and they have not even pretended to resist the Militarization of law enforcement that has taken place down south. The amusing part is that they probably THINK they are different/better than the guys down south, but again the truth is that they have always envied their American cousins for the level of "action" they have in some cities. Funny, because in places like Vancouver they could easily have that action they say they want (but don't, getting paid off or having a slack job is better) were they to take on the Hall's Angles in a effective manner but they apparently prefer to do shit like beat the crap out of a guy who barely speaks English on his own doorstep in the early hours of the morning for a domestic that never occurred. (What kind of stumblefuck can't get the address right?) Or gang up and drunkenly beat/rob a newspaper deliveryman, knowing full well the justice system will never make them spend a day in jail. Fucking cowards. Fake tough guys with every piece of high speed gear they can get their hands on so they can play "Keystone Commando". Put most of these guys in a no shit situation by themselves and I'll bet they fold faster than Superman on laundry day. Give them the security of a dozen of their buddies and they're the bravest guys on the planet.


    3. In PEI you say. That is hilarious! What, are the potatoes rioting, joining terrorist groups. surely they have something better to do with their money than hiring too many police officer, who seem to have too much time on their hands along with all the gadgets. Isn't there an auditor general in PEI?

  2. I should add, there are some guys out there who are "The Real Police™ but they aren't "yes-men" and you don't often find them in middle, and never in upper management where the primary qualification is baa-baa black sheep stuff. ("yes sir, no sir, three bags full sir") Unfortunately guys like this have to keep their necks wound in if they want to retire from the job. Don't arrest or investigate the wrong people, (especially your own guys when they do stuff that a citizen would be in jail for) don't make waves, etc., just do whatever we tell you. Pretty pathetic. I think most would agree that this is kind of out of line with "True North, Strong and Free".....but those 3 aspects don't exist anymore either IMHO.

    Think about what "True North" really meant in that context. It comes from map reading and navigation techniques, things that were more mainstream in the latter part of the 19th Century and most of the 20th. There are 2 kinds of "North", Magnetic North and True North.
    The meaning in context of the anthem is pretty clear.

    This is what happens when a country is run by un-elected bureaucrats, politicians, and scumbags (but I repeat myself) instead of the citizenry who own it. They (you know, "they") have been suckering you all into letting them do it for you, the way they want to do it instead of the way you tell them to, for a long time now, hence the circumstances as presently exist.


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