Friday, March 29, 2019

Safe-injection sites are NOT needed in prisons

The Vancouver Sun is reporting that "Canada’s prisoner service is considering opening overdose prevention sites as it expands a needle-exchange program that is now offered at a fifth institution for offenders who inject smuggled drugs. In a statement, the Correctional Service of Canada says it “is in the early stages of exploring overdose prevention sites as another harm-reduction measure option for inmates.” Proponents say Drumheller Institution in Alberta is being looked at as a potential site, which would allow offenders to use illicit drugs under medical supervision. The correctional service did not respond to inquiries to confirm that." AYFKM?

This is the prime example of everything that's wrong with this country. Don't get me wrong. I think Canada is a great place but it is far from perfect. Harm promotion is a forest fire burning out of control and needs to be restrained. If we can't enforce the law in prison then we are completely and utterly useless. We can do better. Letting prison inmates use illegal drugs on purpose is complete insanity. I'm all for prison rehabilitation. This is not it. This is a pharmaceutical fraud.

Vancouver's drug strategy has been a disaster. Be very wary of emulating it.


  1. I guarantee you will not get any prison guards offering their opinion on this. And I guarantee they have opinions on this.


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