Thursday, March 28, 2019

Mass migration of painted-lady butterflies headed for genocide in Surrey

The Vancouver Sun Province is reporting that "An unusually large migration of painted-lady butterflies has been turning heads near Los Angeles, and there’s likely to be more sightings in B.C. this summer as well, according to local insect experts." Well isn't that nice. Just in time to be exterminated by the BTK Gypy moth spraying in Surrey. BTK kills all butterflies and moths.

I wonder what BC Green Party Leader Andrew Weaver thinks about that. Oh right. He doesn't care about the environment. He only cares about getting elected. F*cking idiots.

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  1. Thank you for the gorgeous butterfly picture! Killing these beautiful creatures simply demonstrates how out of touch politicians are with the world around them. When they decide to kill everything to remove something, you loose all round.

    Butterflies which look similar come to the garden every summer. its amazing. its better than anything on t.v., movies, concerts, etc. Once they are gone, that's it.

    Now as to Dream Weaver, yes, he does seem to be missing in action. the budget is much more important to him, O.k. the political grand standing. As I've said from the beginning, he is simply a Liberal in a shabby suit, to give him the professorial look. It works well with some voters. If the Green party is to make head way it isn't grand standing on budget issues, and electric cars, its about the environment and in case anyone missed the memo, butterflies are part of the environment.

    If people spent more time outside, they could open their eyes to the natural world around them.

    Thank you again for writing about the spraying in Surrey and the negative impact it will have on small creatures, which make up our world.


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