Friday, March 8, 2019

Ottawa awards Light Rail contract to SNC-Lavalin

The City of Ottawa just awarded the fraud filled SNC-Lavalin a $4.7 billion contract to extend a light-rail transit line. THIS IS THE ROOT OF THE PROBLEM. The SNC-Lavalin fraud is tied to ALL levels of government. That is what needs to be addressed. Cousin Jim: REPENT.

Meanwhile back on the ranch, The Globe and Mail is reporting that "The Federal Court of Canada has dismissed a request by SNC-Lavalin to review a federal prosecutor’s decision declining to settle criminal charges against the company out of court."

The Canadian Press is reporting that "SNC-Lavalin faces accusations it paid bribes to obtain government business in Libya — a criminal case that has prompted a political storm for the Trudeau Liberals." Libya? What about bribes paid to the Canadian government? Oh right. Bribes in the form of political contributions are perfectly legal. Just immoral.

Key figure in illegal election financing scheme quietly pleads guilty: "Normand Morin's plea means Canadians may never know which Liberals, Conservatives received SNC Lavalin money"

SNC-Lavalin illegally donated over $117K to federal parties: Elections Canada

Brad Wall: SNC-Lavalin's VIP treatment is a slap in the face to the West. You re so full of Sh*t. SNC-Lavalin got VIP treatment on the Evergreen line and is getting it on the Pattullo bridge.


  1. These people have no shame, no fear of being called to account for their actions, because "the connected are protected". They feel they can safely ignore the fact that all this is out in the news, they know that even if their puppet PM is "unelected" he will only be replaced by someone just like him who will spout platitudes at the electorate beforehand and then do as bidden by "the powers that be". Plenty of "consulting fee's" and paid speeches to hide what are really just "pay to play" (AKA a bribe) political influence. These people are thieves who steal the wealth of the nation. And one of the reasons they get away with it is because you really don't have one of those any more. A nation I mean. A country is not the same thing.

    The individuals who make up the "powers that be" need to be beaten within an inch of their worthless, greedy lives. But since that's probably not an option, (pitchforks and torches were an old and respected tradition, until they managed to convince everyone that "violence is always wrong" (hint: It's not, why do you think they use it against YOU? Because it's effective, and it works) so lets settle for putting them all in jail for a decade or so and returning all the money they stole and then everything else they have on top of it to the public purse. It won't require more than a few object lessons like this, but if it does, you just keep knocking them down until they are all where they deserve to be, PRISON.

  2. All of the Canadian blogs I read are running articles about SNC, JWR, the federal Liberals. Over at Harvey O's, Keeping it Real, one of the commentors, KIssaks has some interesting suggestions about how to avoid the SNL problems. it actually means going back to the old ways of building and letting contracts.

    It would appear all parties, levels of government have done business with SNC

    when you talk money and politics, a few years ago Norm Farrell, has a post up about what certain individuals donated to the b.c. liebercons and what they made from political appointments. its was interesting to see how close the amounts were.

    some may think SNC is too big to fail, but its not too big to break up. yes there are 9K jobs in the country, but really over 100K lost their jobs in Alberta and back in the 1970s in rural B.C the unemployment rate was about 30% although the government figures were around 15% and into the 1980s the biggest payroll in Kelowna were the U.I.C. cheques.

    To clean up corruption we need to have court cases with trials. However even that doesn't always work. We have to look no further than the u.s.a. where manfort was sentenced to 47 months because of his "unblemished" record. omg, that judge doesn't he know the term "rat fucker" was created for manafort, lee attwater and Roger Stone. Yet the same judge sentenced a meth dealer to 40 years.

    Now we might be able to do better in Canada, but who knows. only when money is taken out of politics will we truly see changes. It could happen here with changes to the law, but still given the social circles, schools, university many attend, their roots go deep.

  3. The so-called bribes "paid" were reportedly in the form of human trafficking:

    1. Double Wow. So basically almost $2 mill of Canadian taxpayer money (you just KNOW they were not spending their own) on booze and hookers.....


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