Saturday, March 16, 2024

The Criminal Organization status of the Hells Angels

Taking a step back and looking at the big picture we can see narratives on one side and truth on the other. As I said, the difference between gang enforcement in Ontario and in BC is huge. It's like night and day. Ontario's gang enforcement is much better than BC's.

Paying Blaze and Jamie Bacon to be in the Witness Protection program is obscene. That is the root of the problem. In BC they pay criminals millions of dollars for worthless if not false Intel.

Then they start sending out false press releases about rivals and the club itself. Jamie Bacon made that ridiculous pitch to Mathew Johnson trying to encourage Mathew to join Jamie in Witness Protection claiming that bikers are old, nobody respects them and are stealing from him. That was a ridiculous crock of sh*t. Nobody respects Jamie Bacon. That's why he and his family are in hiding. That's why even before he started cooperating with the police he couldn't go to the gym without a body guard. The truth hurts so he rewrites the truth.

The club taxed Jamie Bacon because he was an easy mark. If it wasn't for the club, he wouldn't have been making any money at all so as I said before, he's just a whiny little b*tch. Just like Blaze. Blaze is trashing the club now pushing the same narrative.

Now the CFSEU is making the same claims in press releases pushed by the fake news. They claim the bikers are all old and the younger generation doesn't respect them. Well if that was true, which it is not, what would that mean? It would mean that the Hells Angels are no longer the biggest threat out there and we don't have to obsess over them like we used to. If what they are saying was true, that is what that would mean but that is not true.

The CFSEU need to shut up and do their job like Ontario is. Actions speak louder than words. They need to kick Jamie Bacon and Blaze to the curb. Giving criminals that much money for worthless if not false intel is organized crime.

I remember a line in our summer theme song Roll Me Away by Bob Seger "Stood alone on a mountain top Starin' out at the Great Divide I could go east, I could go west It was all up to me to decide Just then I saw a young hawk flyin' And my soul began to rise."

Today I want to talk about looking out at the great divide and which direction we're heading in. I want to once again relate Bob Seger's song Roll Me Away to Susan Ashton's song Grand Canyon. Bob Seger talked about being at a crossroads in life and staring out at the great divide not sure which direction he should go. Then he saw a young hawk in flight and his heart began to rise. He then knew which direction he wanted to go so he resumed his journey with purpose.

In Susan Ashton's song she states that sometimes in life she can feel God's presence like a shadow. Yet at other times she feels like she's starring up at God from the bottom of the Grand Canyon. A few local motorcyclists road from Canada to the Grand Canyon and played that song in the video. So when we look out at the great divide, are we on the east, are we on the west or are we at the bottom looking up? Where we are might determine where we want to go.

Although I used to support criminal organization legislation regarding the Hells Angels, a lot has changed since I first started this blog over 14 years ago. As I keep saying there is good and bad in every community. Every community. We saw how proceeds of crime legislation was misused in LA. The government and the media's misrepresentation of the Convoy was a colossal red flag ushering in a new dispensation of misinformation orchestrated to rob our liberty. That is the great evil we all must now face. That is the great divide. My road ahead is clear.


  1. Was Jamie a tough guy or was his brother Jarrod just respected? JB seemed to be juiced to the gills back in the early 2000’s

    1. If Jamie Bacon was a tough guy he wouldn't have needed a body guard just to go to the gym. He was picked on regularly. The Six Six happened because Cory Lal laughed in his face when Jamie tried to tax him. Jarrod wasn't respected. He was just an angry kid no one cared about. Jonathon was in bed with Larry Amero. They hid behind the protection of the club. They also had 24 hour police protection and a surveillance camera outside their house. Larry Amero was the one juiced up. He looked good but he was still a dick and still a yuppie from the burbs like Jonathon Bacon who he claimed was his best friend. That's kind of pathetic. Jonathon was just a preppy b*tch.

    2. why do you think Jamie Bacon is in the Witness Protection Program.... doesn't seem like it you me...

    3. OMFG. Did you listen to his video trying to convince Mathew Johnston to join him?! As I said in the two posts comparing the CFSEU with Ontario Gang enforcement, the CFSEU is completely f*cked. They are compulsive liars who flood the media with false intel and they don't do sh*t compared to Ontario. That is the problem with gang enforcement in BC. "Jamie Bacon isn't in witness protection and that fully automatic AR they used in Whiterock was a converted Airsoft rifle." That is indeed laughable.

  2. Converted airsoft rifle? They must think people are really stupid. Or they are. Or both.

    1. That seems to be the new narrative. I saw one article claim a guy converted an airsoft rifle into a .22. That meant he had to get a new barrel, a new chamber, a new magazine and basically a new gun. In other words, he built it from scratch.

    2. That article was bullshit, it's that shit reporter for post with her "experts" which are just clowns telling the fat women what she wants to hear. When I read that he claims gangs are converting air soft rifles to full auto machine guns that fire live rounds I laughed for a good 2 minutes. Like you said what did they keep the grips and everything else is replaced ffs.


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