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The Dark Side of Mossad

I thought it might be timely to review some of the shady characters that we know of who are connected to Mosaad. I guess there are three areas that I'd like to highlight - drug trafficking, arms dealing and investment fraud. Three activities the CIA are also heavily involved with.

Let's start with Paul Lir Alexander a famous drug lord in Brazil. He was born to a Jewish mother in Brasil, joined the Israeli army and then became part of Mossad. In 1982 he was in Nicaragua and started drug traficking for Oliver North during Iran contra. After Nicaragua the Mossad sent him to Brazil. During the /80's he bought a home in Miami and maintained ties with the CIA.

This was a drug Barron connected to the Mossad and worked with Oliver North and the CIA during Iran Contra. There's no conspiracy theory there. It's a documented fact. He was arrested twice and escaped from a prison in Brazil.

Col Edward P. Cutolo swore an affidavit testifying that David Kimche and Michael Harari were Mossad agents who supervised shipments of cocaine arriving in Panama from Bogota then into the United States during Operation Watchtower. They assisted Col. Tony Noriega and a ship load of CIA agents and Mossad personnel. It's a very revealing affidavit.

Israeli Played Lead Role in International Drug Money Laundering Ring

US Blacklists Colombia Money Launderers with Israel Connections

Makes ya kind of wonder about that brick of cocaine seized in Langley with a Star of David stamped on it back in 2012. Israel has criminals just like every other country. Canada has drug traffickers, America has drug traffickers and Israel has drug traffickers. It's a little bit problematic because all Israeli citizens have to serve in the military. That means these are former soldiers and if they are former soldiers we are forced to speculate about possible connections to Mossad since Mossad and the CIA are clearly involved with drug trafficking.

That's a bit about Mossad's connection to drugs, now let's take a peak at Mossad's involvement with Arms Dealing but before I do I just want to point out the obvious. All of the Mossad agents involved with drug trafficking were Jews. That doesn't mean all Jews are drug traffickers.

All the CIA agents involved with drug tracking were Americans. That doesn't mean all Americans are drug traffickers. It simply means Israelis have the same problem with a corrupt intelligence agency that the Americans do. That's what the Canadian intelligence agency aspires to.

Before we do the deep dive into arms dealing let's acknowledge Mossad's involvement with investment fraud. Former US Naval Intelligence officer Al Martin wrote a powerful book called The Conspirators: Secrets of and Iran-Contra Insider. In it he stated that Jeb Bush instructed him to commit investment fraud as a means of fund raising for Iran Contra. They would default on loans, crash banks with the promise the bank would get a government bailout. It was shady sh*t.

It is not stretch of the imagination to realize, if the CIA were doing it, so was Mossad. Case in point, Earl W. Brian and the CIA. He was also a CIA agent that embezzled $50 million from Nesbitt Thompson’s clients and went to jail for fraud. He was released from prison in 2002.

After he had embezzled $50 million from Nesbitt Thompson clients, Earl Brian took $40 million with him to Paris where he was alleged to have met George Bush Sr. and William Casey from the CIA so they could bribe the Iranians to keep the American hostages another 90 days to discredit Jimmy Carter and help Ronald Reagan win the election against him.

OK so that was the CIA but Mossad was also involved. I interviewed an insider who named the shell companies they used for the fraud. He said he had no idea that people he went to work with and played golf with were actually Mossad agents.

Nesbitt Thompson was a very well established and reputable brokerage firm. When Dean Nesbitt died from a skiing accident in 1978, the company was taken over by Jon Brian Aune and Brian Jasson Steck. Aune was a bit of a playboy which was very different from the years of stable tradition the company had know prior to that time. Steck was a Zionist tied to the Mossad.

Samuel Israel III is an American fraudster and former hedge fund manager for the Bayou Hedge Fund Group, which he founded in 1996. In 2008, Israel was sentenced to 20 years in prison and ordered to forfeit $300 million for defrauding his investors. Just because a Jewish man gets convicted of fraud, that doesn't mean he was working for Mossad. However, given Mossad's past involvement with investment fraud it is always worth examining any possible connections.

Ex-Mossad Agent Avraham Hochman Among Suspects in 420m Pound Fraud. Mossad claims he died in a boating accident. Not. Israeli Hacker-For-Hire Sentenced To 80 Months In Prison For Involvement In Massive Spearphishing Campaign. Ransom hacking is another concern.

Franco-Israeli gang behind EUR 38 million CEO fraud busted
Arms dealing is a bit more sketchy. I'm not talking about the public sale of arms to allies. I'm talking about the secret sale of arms to enemies and terrorists. Iran contra wasn't about giving Iran arms in exchange for the release of hostages. It was about selling Iran arms to make money and it was about selling drugs to make money. That is what Iran contra was about.

Ben-Menashe testified in 1991 that he had personally witnessed George H. W. Bush attend a meeting with members of the Iranian government in Paris in October 1980 — to have the 52 U.S hostages then held in Iran remain there until President Jimmy Carter, who was negotiating their release, had lost the 1980 presidential election to Ronald Reagan.

The CIA crashed the BCCI though drug trafficking, money laundering and arms dealing. The crash of the BCCI was tied to Saudi Arabia. Saudi is a pivotal part of the CIA's arms dealing to sketchy people like we saw in the movie Lord of War. The CIA armed ISIS thought Qatar.
Saudi arms dealer Adnan Khashoggi was tied to BCCI and had the backing of Saudi and the U.S. in Iran Contra. Which of course involved Oliver North through the front company Lake Resources. Mossad arming terrorists and enemies of Israel is indeed a conflict of interest.

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