Friday, July 12, 2013

US Treasury Department lists Israeli drug network

Here’s a link to a story a blog reader just posted in the CSIS thread. The United States Treasury Department claims Israelis played a lead role in an international drug money laundering ring. Ten Panamanian companies, 11 Colombian companies and one based in Israel allegedly built a network that laundered hundreds of millions of dollars of drug money. Kinda like “lord” Strathclyde and the HSBC did for the Mexican cartels.

I think it’s amusing an American agency will finally point the finger at an Israeli connection to drug trafficking without even mentioning Oliver North. Oliver North was the drug dealing kingpin of Iran Contra. Mossad and the Israeli drug dealers worked for and with him. Paul Lir Alexander‏ is another. Could explain why a brick of cocaine turned up in BC with a Star of David stamped on it.

Even New York Stock Exchange Chairman Richard Grasso supported FARC in Columbia. Why isn’t Richard Grasso on their drug kingpin list? I guess that would implicate all of Wall Street.

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