Monday, July 15, 2013

Giuseppe De Vito found dead in prison

About the mafia is reporting that Giuseppe De Vito was found unconscious in his prison cell at Donnacona Prison before being taken to a local Quebec hospital where he was pronounced dead. De Vito is believed to have been a close ally of Raynald Desjardins who led the rebellion against the Rizzutos while Vito was in prison. Since Vito’s release, he’s been kicking ass. CBC is confirming Giuseppe's death. Tragically, Giuseppe's ex has been charged in the murder of their two daughters. One would hate to think that was a mob hit. One would also hate to think the mother did it. Innocent kids that appeared to be well cared for. Very sad.


  1. who cares about this wop Z-40 the boss of Los Zetas just got busted

  2. A human life is a human life. He was however an accused hit man. That Zetas bust is huge but is rather suspicious since Operation Fast and Furious supplied the Sinaloa drug cartel:

    Zetas have been confirmed HERE!

  4. And you think that the RCMP are any different?
    Same inhuman Culture as discovered by 237 women, Most of whom know the difference between Serving and Protecting vs "if you can not defeat crime, JOIN THEM"
    REALITY is often denied by those who report on them and the High and mighty troublesome RCMP BRASS!

    Have a different perspective on Z40


    80% of extortions of Zulia depart from Sabaneta prison


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