Monday, July 15, 2013

Bill Tieleman questions Surrey bomb plot

Three cheers for Bill Tieleman and the 24 hours newspaper. A blog reader sent in this link to an article he wrote for the Vancouver edition of the 24 hours newspaper. He asks “How did John Nuttall and Amanda Korody, two disheveled, poverty-stricken drug addicts living in a Surrey basement suite and recent converts to Islam, become Canada’s biggest terrorist threat?”

Bill Tieleman points out that two weeks after the shocking announcement, there are more questions than answers. Finally, someone with a brain. He points out that this insane plot sounds similar to others in the US “where clueless and troubled people have been convicted of deadly plots after undercover agents and informers “facilitated” their crimes to incredible degrees.”

An example he uses is “James Cromitie, a low-level ex-drug dealer who converted to Islam. A well-paid FBI informant befriended the Walmart worker and promised him $250,000 and a new BMW car to fire Stinger surface-to-air missiles at U.S. military planes and plant bombs at Jewish targets in New York.”

This goes well beyond entrapment. I bet ya he didn’t make the Stinger surface-to-air missiles himself. Someone provided him with it which, as Bill Tieleman observes, facilitated the attack.

He points out that “questioning RCMP actions is not to condone illegal activity.” Nobody thinks terrorism is OK. Questioning how CSIS or the FBI set people up is a real concern. That doesn’t mean anyone in their right mind thinks terrorism is OK because it’s clearly not. It’s just as wrong when a crazed terrorist does it as when a crazed CSIS handler does it like in the Air India bombing. What we need to question is how they lost 3 billion dollars in anti terrorist funding. Kinda makes ya wonder who the real criminals are.

My concerns are two fold. These crazy cases of entrapment that go way beyond entrapment. The crazy plots where law enforcement actually facilitate crimes. That is the first concern. The other concern is actual false flag attacks like was planned in Operation Northwoods and was executed against the USS Liberty. That is a whole other can of worms. Denying it happens doesn’t provide public safety.

I used to think that we better be careful how loud we get about questioning these crazy cases of entrapment. They just might actually kill someone just to try and get us to believe them. Then I realized, they already did – Air India. CSIS needs to be charged and tried for that before we even talk about cases of entrapment exploiting drug addicts on welfare. BTW Bill Tieleman has also raised some valid concerns about BC Hydro.

Were RCMP involved in B.C. legislature bomb plot?


  1. The mainstream media has failed us terribly on this issue. No questions, no concerns. DON'T question the thuggish RCMP of fear being banned from all future press conferences??

    If I was a reporter I would demand ONE thing from the RCMP; evidence of explosive material. A few pots and pans with rusty nails is a terrible, poorly thought out prank, this is not an action justifiably labeled 'terrorism.'

    Of course the RCMP will claim releasing said request will "taint the process." Again, a reporter with half a brain would point out they had no problem releasing photos of pots, pans and rusty nails the day after the arrests, why not information on explosives?? Ah, because there are none??

    Sadly, we live in a country mostly populated by fools, unable to grasp what is truly going on during our ever increasing move to a fascist police state.

    I fear the day when I trust bikers, criminals and gang bangers more than I do the RCMP. I hate to even think that that time has arrived.

    1. Les, you hit the nail right on the head.

      Your insight makes me happy on one side and on the other I know how far away from "Realization" our Citizens are.

      My friend corrected me in saying MSM it is no longer Main Stream Media, it is simply CPM "Corporate Paid Media".
      I personally know as my comments and tweets have been blocked by certain reporters and papers, they call themselves Journalists, no they are highly paid "Typist", I am being censored left and right just because I speak my mind and I question every move our Corrupt Government is making including the Police.

      I feel Free Speech, Freedom, Democracy is no longer a "Canadian" fact, Politicians pay for votes/voters, rigged Elections, manipulated and orchestrated right down to the "T".

      Our Rights are being stripped by the day, mix Greed with Money and you create a Power House that is anything but Democracy and they do anything but Rule us, not govern and more Rights are disappearing and we have no say regardless of who we Vote for, except if we ALL dare to vote for the UNDERDOG.

      But Canadians are so #Brainwashed" and sidetracked by a "pretty"? face or a Speech that moves every Heart, to the point they are willing to jump over that Cliff without any Hesitation, we call them "Sheeple.
      I find it extremely scary when people worship the very powerful Politicians that take our Rights and crush us financially at every chance possible.

      People are being distracted with some big news like an Actor found dead etc. etc. Call me what you want, a Conspiracy Theorist or whatever, think about it, every time there is a major disasters (Crude Oil Train Crash) going on that we think the Government or Police are involved, somebody famous dies?
      Could there be a reason to distract us on purpose? so we won't know and won't pay attention what is going on with our Politicians and what they are up to?

      Or like right now, "3 want to become Canadians" are fighting to Swear in under the Oath, think about it for a minute, I am an Immigrant and now of course a Canadian for over 20 years, it was MY DREAM to come to Canada and live here and live and adjust TO CANADIAN LIFE STYLE not the one I had just left behind...

      Are we really let "3 wanna be Canadians" dictate what we should get rid of or not? Here is my guess, Canada is well known to be a Haven for Criminals and if you don't want to obey the law you just don't and or fight it and you will get your way.

      If anybody should be allowed to abolish the Monarchy in Canada it should be "CANADIANS", personally I think it's time to make that leap, I know people don't like changes, but changes are needed in order to look after all our Canadians First, but this is a whole other can of Worms.

      I will end this by saying, I have worked with drug addicts and I can assure you that these people are less of a threat than the highly functioning "none Addicts" e.g Police and or Government. Offer them Money to buy their next Hit and they will do just about anything they are capable of doing, but they are not in a position to orchestrate such a sting.
      And by the way, it was very wrong for the Media to exploit their Privacy by barging into their Apartment before they were found guilty.

      Again, there is so much more to all this and we are being distracted by the Death of Cory...

  2. You are right, the main stream media has completely failed the test of objectivity on this story. However, I think Bill Tieleman’s article is a huge step forward. I wasn’t even aware of that case in the States he cited about how they offered a guy $250,000 and a new BMW to fire a missile at a military plane. A missile they provided.

    If you take any crack head in East Van, or Surrey for that matter and you say to them, wanna make some money? Sure is the eager response. You tell any crack head you’ll give them $250 thousand and a new car, they will do pretty much anything you ask them to do. It doesn’t mean every crack head is a terrorist. It means these intelligence agencies are conning the public to justify their missing budget.

    You’re right about demanding to see explosives but get this. Even those pots and those fake rusty nails made in a lab, weren’t bought by the suspects they were bought by the agents. If there were any explosives the under cover agents provided them. Now we hear from Nuttall’s lawyer that US agencies were involved in the set up. Big surprise.

    None of that makes selling crack right though. The gang bangers are just as bad as these fake plotters. They are on in the same.


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