Saturday, March 30, 2024

Cherry Blossoms and Climate Change

The cherry blossoms in Vancouver are in full bloom. They started to bloom last weekend and this weekend they are in full bloom starting to fall like snow. It's not a powerful scent but if you concentrate you can smell the gentle aroma of cherry blossoms in the air. It reminds me of the cherry blossom incense we would burn in martial arts classes and on the Lunar New Year.

I am told that the cherry blossoms in Japan bloomed early this year but they're late in Korea. In Korea they still haven't bloomed yet. Look at how the deplorable fake news is misrepresenting that. The BBC is reporting that "In Japan, the rare and beautiful 10-day cherry blossom front is set to start 10 days earlier this year due to global warming." Global warming. F*ck off.

This is the BBC and they are full of sh*t. Their credibility is lost in space along with the rest of the mainstream fake news media in our Brave New World. If the cherry blossoms are blooming early this year in Japan because of global warming, then why are the cherry blossoms in Korea late this year? Korea and Japan are on the same planet. The answer is simple. Japan has had a warm spring while Korea has had a cold spring.

Yet Time Magazine insists that the early blooming in Japan is strictly due to climate change as they deny the late blooming in Korea. What, have the fake news outlets fired all their staff and all their articles are written by AI now? Just program a climate change narrative and all their articles become the same. Just enjoy the spring for f*ck's sake and cram your bullsh*t up your a*s.

I am not a climate change denier. The climate has been changing ever since the ice age. But I'm not a globalist and a climate change alarmist either. I believe in protecting the Constitution and the Charter of Rights. I don't believe climate change is a valid excuse to throw away civil liberty and embrace Communism. That is bat sh*t crazy and we can see that is where the fake news is trying to take us. You should be ashamed of yourselves. Truth will prevail.

Last winter was very mild because of the El Niño just like in 2010 during the winter Olympics. Warm ocean currents from the south tended to move north giving us a mild winter. Justin Trudeau tried to blame that on climate change. Next winter is La Niña which means cold ocean currents will bring cold temperatures south giving us a cold winter. Again, Justin Trudeau will blame that on climate change. Yet the cycle of cold and warm winters from the El Niño and La Niña currents have continued for a long time. Now all of a sudden it's climate change and the AI algorithms want to use that to implement the UN's New World Order. Not on my watch.

Remember groundhog day? That humorous tradition tried to predict whether we'd have a long winter or an early spring. That long-standing tradition showed some years we have a late winter and other years we have a early spring. That fluctuation existed before the alarmist algorithms.

The UN New World Order is reporting that "Let's advance and achive the United Nations Global goals by 2030 & Happiness for all by 2050." Let's not. Global Communism sucks.


  1. Well stated.
    Many of us are in 100% agreement with your position.

    They need this global carbon tax as it will usher in global governance.

    Wake up people.

    1. Carbon tax is just another tax like the GST.

    2. The blue print for the carbon tax includes a global authority to administer the revenues.
      The shipping industry is already implementing it and other countries will be following.
      It's part and parcel for establishment of a global governance, unlike the gst.

    3. That is so f*cked up. The site is back online.


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