Sunday, March 3, 2024

Leslyn Lewis: Smart Cities and the WHO Pandemic Treaty

On Leslyn Lewis' Substack she made two recent posts of significant importance. The most recent was about the WHO Pandemic Treaty and the one before that was the truth about Smart Cities.

Leslyn Lewis is on track. Listen to what she has to say. We should withdraw from the UN.

Most are not aware of the Marxist origins of the UN. Look at Tedros Ghebreyesus's background.


  1. U look on b.c government website look up smart cities and penticton and Kelowna are on their

  2. Yep , that's about right , 10 percent of eligible voters elected a realtor for mayor , the runner up was 200 votes away from that his first time running he represents clean streets Penticton a group who don't like the riffraff that tend to flock there .

    1. What's wrong with a realtor? Sounds like the runner up had a plan.

    2. There shouldn't be a problem electing a realtor as mayor but I'd be watching if there are more fires wiping out towns with prime land that suddenly come available .

  3. I agree, with Leslyn Lewis I'm glad she is on the Conservative team and not the Liberals. She has ethics.


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