Saturday, March 23, 2024

Kate's Cancer

City News is reporting that " The sharing of a cancer diagnosis from Catherine, the Princess of Wales, could be positive for those going through their own cancer journey or people who need to be more aware of the disease, says an executive with the Canadian Cancer Society. Stuart Edmonds, executive vice-president of mission, research and advocacy for the society, said such news from the princess, or other public figures, can help raise awareness and encourage others to be tested early and seek treatment."

"The princess released a video statement Friday after intense worldwide speculation about her health, saying that following successful abdominal surgery in January, doctors told her cancer had been present and advised that she undergo preventive chemotherapy. She says in the video that she and Prince William are doing everything they can to process and manage this privately for the sake of their family." Privacy for the scepter of David. Peace.


  1. This is not good.
    The curse of the Kennedys is now upon the Royals.
    Why do only the good……?

  2. Nothing else for 2 hours on the TV yesterday.


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