Tuesday, March 5, 2024

IDF Bulldozing over cemeteries in Gaza

CTV is reporting that "Israeli forces severely damaged a cemetery in Khan Younis in southern Gaza earlier this week, exhuming and removing bodies in what the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) told CNN was part of a search for the remains of hostages seized by Hamas during the October 7 terror attacks." At least 16 cemeteries in Gaza have been desecrated by Israeli forces, satellite imagery and videos reveal. That is inasne.

Why would they bury hostages in a cemetery? If Benjamin Netanyahu didn't take all the soldiers off border patrol and issue the stand down order, there would be no hostages.

They have thousands of dead bodies they aren't able to bury yet. If they killed any hostages Benjamin Netanyahu helped them take, they wouldn't bury them with their relatives they'd do what the IDF does and bury them in an open pit in the desert. This absurd claim is just a ridiculous excuse to commit war crimes by desecrating graves.

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