Sunday, March 17, 2024

BC's safe supply in the hands of organized crime

CBC is rpeorting that "Prince George RCMP said officers have seized thousands of prescription drug pills, some diverted from the province's safe supply program, in the course of two separate local investigations. The announcement caught the attention of Conservative Leader Pierre Poilievre, who raised the issue during a Friday appearance at a Greater Vancouver Board of Trade (GVBOT) event. He told the audience Canadian tax dollars are paying for organized criminals to get their hands on the prescribed drugs and promised to put an end to it."

"Alberta Premier Danielle Smith also commented on the Prince George seizures, and said drugs diverted from B.C.'s program could cause harm in her province." I guess CBC has woken up to the political reality that Justin Trudeau will not be reelected and they have to start doing damage control fast if they want to still exist. Sadly the rest of the fake news is still pushing the same BS.

"We're still finding them in their prescription bottles, but not in the hands of the people they're prescribed to," Cooper said. "They're not safe. They're not safe for people to be taking. These are very potent drugs and opioids, and they're only safe if you've been prescribed them by a doctor."

"Cooper said police have been noticing an alarming trend where safe supply drugs are diverted from the program by organized crime groups, with some sold outside the province."

"Smith said Friday that her province made it illegal to provide safe supply to drug users, but 'unfortunately, that does not stop organized criminals from bringing it here illegally from other provinces.'" David Eby is a mental reject. That whole program is an offensive lie.


  1. Wokeism….Brokeism.

  2. What a sick joke that eby used to head to bc civil liberties association, and we the public are the punchline.

    1. I think you meant to say punching bag.

    2. Police Intel sucks. They are always figuring out what's going on long after it's been running. If they really knew what was happening on the street they'd be ahead of the curve.


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